Wifi Wealth: The E-commerce Brand Guiding People To Financial Freedom Through Passive Income

Photo Credit: Jerrika CoxJerrika Cox is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in online marketing and E-commerce. Although she is now living her dream life as she crushes her goals and competitors with ease, life wasn’t always easy for her. Jerrika grew up in foster care and had a tough childhood growing up, yet that did not stop her. As the world threw more challenges in her way, this would only continue to motivate her to make her dreams a reality. Astonishing enough, her work ethic was so extreme she would go on to receive a full scholarship to a private university in Seattle.

Just after graduation, she worked 9-5 as an accountant at a boutique law firm but she simply was nowhere close to being satisfied. Jerrika was after financial freedom. In order to achieve this goal, she had to go all in. So after visualizing her desires and deciding where she wanted to go in life, she gathered nearly all of her savings to fund a new business and never looked back. It didn’t just take capital to make her dreams a reality, Jerrika put in countless hours of work to take on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur. She went on to establish Social Media Marketing firms, a Restoration Contracting Company, and also an E-commerce based CBD brand. Over time these businesses allowed her to master her craft while she gained the experience and knowledge she needed to start the business that would change her life forever.

Jerrika now owns Wifi Wealth. Which is a company that was born from her desire to bless other people with the ability to achieve not only more income but more specifically passive income. Her business has been absolutely crushing as E-commerce continues to grow at rates unheard of. Wifi Wealth primarily focuses on Walmart Automation & Amazon FBA to help their clients own a business on autopilot. Yes autopilot, in other words, Jerrika’s team is doing the heavy lifting for the client and are generating hands-free income to ensure their clients have the freedom to do what they want to do, not what they have to do.

What sets Wifi Wealth apart from its competitors is not just the proprietary software that they developed to select high-performing products. It’s also their unique ability to build a brand from scratch with a great culture to ensure their competitors can’t keep up. When asked what the biggest challenges were when starting as an entrepreneur Jerrika emphasized the willingness to take risks as an entrepreneur. She acknowledges that taking risks puts people in extremely uncomfortable positions which in turn, is the number one reason why most people can never make their dreams a reality. If you aren’t willing to take any risks, you’ll only reap minimal rewards. No risk, no rari.

Photo Credit: Jerrika CoxWhen people invest their money into something, they expect results overnight, but wealth is built over time. Moreover, money sitting in the bank is not doing anything helpful for a person. Jerrika states that the key to financial freedom is to make the money you worked for, work harder than you. Investing is not for everyone either. In fact, most people cannot handle the pressure and end up getting too emotional with their investments. This ends up costing them time and money while leaving a sour taste in their mouth because of their own ignorance. This is why it is absolutely necessary to delegate these types of tasks to experts. There’s a reason why everyone wanted Warren Buffett’s hedge funds to manage their money. It’s because he was an expert at making his clients’ money multiply and had the track record to prove it.

Many questions are going to emerge throughout the process of entrusting the Wifi Wealth team to manage and run an entire business. To help relieve negative thoughts and anxiety, Jerrika has built an incredible support team to help ease all of her client’s concerns. This is why she often emphasizes how imperative it is that their team gets the processes and procedures right from the beginning to ensure everything runs efficiently. Jerrika often credits her experience in previous businesses to unlocking her secret power. This power to delegate, automate, and build teams that synergize with each other. She has an eye for spotting the winners from the losers, which in short allows her to pinpoint the right people for the right positions. Jerrika goes on to say that “there are no square pegs in round holes.” Creating a team is crucial and having her staff work toward a common goal is necessary for success. Her hiring process involves not only her evaluating candidates’ job skills but also their personalities to ensure they’re not only a good fit for the company’s culture, but a perfect fit.

Although many people are in line to partner up with Jerrika’s team, not all applicants are accepted. Not only do candidates get denied for not being the right fit but also potential clients often get denied as well. This is not the average service that is being provided. This is a business venture. This means the business partners must be compatible and 100% on the same page. The client’s values and vision must align with the Wifi Wealths team. Soon their prices will only continue to rise as demand grows. Wifi Wealth is expanding rapidly and as Covid-19 continues to mutate, it would seem that E-commerce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Written In Partnership With Electrify Media