The Tourism Guru About Her Beloved Native Uzbekistan

Photo Credit: Chi Lok TSANGThe Great Silk Road of Uzbekistan is a path woven by the time itself © Elena Fuks.

Uzbekistan is spread between the Ustyurt Plateau in the West and the outreaches of PamirAltai and Tian Shan in the East. The larger part of the country is mostly deserts, steppes, and mountainous areas, unsuitable for comfortable habitation. During ancient times, the Great Silk Road stretched through the region, carrying dozens of caravans with exotic goods from Eastern Asia, headed to the Mediterranean. Such a road trip was full of perils and not everyone could endeavor to take it. For instance, a journey from Beijing to the Caspian sea could take around 250 days or even a year. The Great Silk Road has always been considered a path of culture and trade. Caravans carried with them not only traders but poets, artists, scientists, philosophers, and pilgrims. It’s because of them that the world as we know it knows how to make gunpowder, paper, silk, and can appreciate music, dances, poetry, and art of various peoples.

This informational and cultural exchange has had an imprint on the entire history and cuisine of the peoples of Uzbekistan and up to this date, it keeps making it an attractive touristic destination. Enthusiasts and professionals such as Elena Fuks are the ones to go to if you want to make your trip there special.

Elena Fuks is an Uzbekistan native. She has a bachelor’s degree in Central Asia History, having graduated from the State National University in 1977. For years she has been building a successful career in tourism, thanks to her deep and vast knowledge of the local culture and traditions. She has organized such tours as ‘Cultural Crossroads’ and ‘The Gem of Central Asia’, which has brought her a solid and active customer base and contacts for years to come. Elena keeps on expanding the field of her activities and at the moment she is fully engaged in organizing VIP tours in Uzbekistan. Elena says that the interest in the history and culture of Central Asia is growing globally. People get involved with it because of its massive impact on whole civilizations, they start getting to know more about the Great Silk Road, opening yet new aspects of its history. Elena Fuks is successful in what she does and strives to strengthen her position in the industry of tourism.

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