Mushie Is The It Brand For Raising Healthy Babies

Photo Credit: MushieRaising kids is hard and selecting the best products for them can be daunting. Luckily, Mushie makes choosing the right items easier.

When Mushie Feigenson was diagnosed with hyperemesis during her second pregnancy, she found comfort in preparing to welcome her child into this world. She spent the duration of her pregnancy on bedrest searching for the best products for her child and realized that safe, quality products were difficult to find and came at a high price – even those that lacked style.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but when she gave birth to her son, she also brought life to one of the most successful and socially responsible baby product brands on the market. She founded Mushie with her husband, Levi, and the brand has experienced exponential growth.

Mushie is an American baby product company that manufactures products free of toxic chemicals, irritants, and other harmful materials. The brand has a unique team of designers in Denmark and the U.S. paired with a manufacturing commitment to environmental sustainability. Each product is thoughtfully designed to both help parents provide the best care for their child and also love the products on a personal level.

Unlike many brands, Mushie refuses to cut corners. As parents themselves, the founders make it their sole mission to ensure product safety and utility. Mushie prioritizes customer satisfaction and takes customer input seriously. The company heavily invests in market, product, and consumer research. They constantly make improvements to ensure they’re selling the best products to parents around the world.

“We do a lot of research. Thankfully we have a very diverse and engaging community on social media, and we’ve been able to utilize customer feedback to make products that customers actually want,” says Mushie Stambler Feigenson.

But the company goes above and beyond just sales. On Facebook, the brand’s official group, Mushie Community, boasts thousands of members. Parents around the world post, comment, and share information within the group daily. The page showcases a wide variety of universally sought-out information, not just Mushie content. Group members ask and answer each other’s questions, offer advice and share personal parenting stories.

For Mushie, creating a community that connects parents on a global scale is a great achievement. “We’ve brought together such a diverse group of people that share the common desire of wanting the best for their children. It’s very rewarding and beautiful to see how we’ve facilitated that,” says Levi Feigenson.

Today, Mushie is sold in more than 90 countries around the world. The brand is increasingly popular, and it’s no surprise that it continues to cross international borders as the one-stop shop for parents everywhere.

To learn more about the brand and all they have to offer check out Mushie’s website:

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