Kygo & Myles Shear: The Dynamic Duo Makes An Epic Return To The Stage

Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund



Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund


On June 24th, world-renowned DJ, Kygo, stepped back on stage for the first time in 18 months. Over nine thousand fans filled the iconic, open-air Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the highly-anticipated return of the influential, global superstar. It was an electric evening filled with an energy like no other as Kygo performed songs from his new ‘Golden Hour’ album for the very first time. “It felt surreal being back on stage,” Kygo reveals when reflecting on the special, sold-out evening. 

“It feels amazing to be touring again,” says Kygo after a long few months of in-person performances being put on pause due to the pandemic. “I’ve really missed playing in front of a live audience and having those real life, in-person interactions with my fans, especially since I haven’t been able to play out any of the songs from my ‘Golden Hour’ to an audience since it was released in May 2020.” 

Indeed, Kygo is back. In April of this year, Kygo announced the return of his residency at the Wynn Las Vegas, where he would soon be headlining alongside other talents like The Chainsmokers and David Guetta. And, in July, just ten minutes after ticket sales opened for Kygo’s upcoming performance at Ullevaal Stadion, Norway’s largest outdoor stadium, the concert completely sold out. This is set to be Kygo’s biggest concert to date, with over 30,000 tickets sold and the only performance in his homeland of Norway in 2022. 

While Kygo pivoted his performances over the last year with his filmed concert on top of the Sunnmøre Alps, where fans across the globe were able to fully immerse themselves in the creative production that is Kygo’s music brilliance and the limited edition drop of the NFT inter-connected 3D virtual show fusing music, video, and digital art, there’s no denying that nothing can quite compare to those intimate, in-person moments. And, it’s not just the fans who are excited to see their favorite performer live on stage again—it’s the fans that continue to inspire Kygo. “I’m excited to be back on tour and play for a live audience again,” Kygo tells us, “I really did miss seeing and singing along to my songs.” 

In fact, we were at Myles Shear’s—Kygo’s multifaceted manager and business partner—home in Miami in May when the team released the news that Kygo will be playing in Los Angeles at the Banc of California Stadium on September 10th, and the response was overwhelming with joy. Shear is a music industry savant and an entrepreneur with a unique perspective that has catapulted him to the forefront of the industry. 

Shear discovered Kygo when he was just 20 years old. “We’ve been doing this for eight years now; it’s pretty crazy,” says Shear. “I found him on Soundcloud and [decided] to message him on Facebook.” It was Kygo’s distinctive sound that Shear instantly gravitated toward, “I could tell he had his own sound. He created his own genre. [And I knew], I had to be a part of this, and I needed to make it happen.” Seven years later, Kygo is a global phenomenon amassing 15 billion cumulative global audio and video streams, breaking numerous streaming records. Kygo earned one of his biggest hits with the multiplatinum “It Ain’t Me” [feat. Selena Gomez], going Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and clocking nearly 1 billion Spotify streams, receiving recognition from Spotify—a major goal for Kygo.

“Kygo is a musical genius,” Shear adds. “It was [the] right time and [the] right place. We were perfect for each other. I have loved music my whole life—I’ve been going to Ultra since I was fifteen years old and making music since I was sixteen [I don’t anymore, but] I love music more than anything, and we both wanted to do something we loved. It was my hungriness and his musical talent that made it a match made in Heaven.”  

Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund

Since the infamous Facebook message eight years ago, Kygo and Shear have been unstoppable. And, the dynamic duo is back on tour like they never really left, picking up right where they left off. When we caught up with Shear, he had just landed in Mykonos, and Kygo in Hvidbjerg Strand, Denmark, where they were taking some much-needed ‘time off’ after an incredible homecoming to live performances. 

 “It’s funny because when we started touring [again] the last month and a half, it was definitely [an adjustment],” says Shear. “It took some time to get used to and get back into the zone, and you don’t feel it until you are back on tour—it felt like the ‘world coming back’ party. We have been so blown away just by how excited people are to be back in action. It’s an overwhelming feeling for us—it has felt like such a blessing.”  

“Everyone has been looking forward to the return of live music, and you can definitely feel the release of that energy and excitement the second the music starts,” Kygo adds. “Every show back has felt a little more special lately.”

There is an undeniable pulse that runs through a Kygo concert, and given the last year, it’s beating at an incredible rate. “There would be moments where I would look at Kygo—then, we look at each other [in amazement], and think: ‘Wait, what? It’s all back again?’ It’s been shocking,” reveals Shear. 

Kygo and Shear have certainly found their groove again, but it comes as no surprise given their inimitable synergy. 

“We are the perfect yin and yang. Kygo is the most talented musician and is wildly humble. And I am a loud person who comes into the room. I know what he wants, and I understand the vision of the Kygo brand and how to take it to the next level, and Kygo lets me do that. That is what makes it so unique and special. He [Kygo] trusts me on a day-to-day basis to bring [forward] amazing opportunities and fight for what he deserves. I think it’s really special when someone trusts you that much and lets you takeover,” says Shear. 

Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund

In 2016, Kygo and Shear founded Palm Tree Crew (PTC), a partnership and endeavor that transcends traditional music management, venture capital, and beyond. The distinctive palm tree emblem embodies the community Kygo and Shear have built and will continue to foster. PTC is a true testament to the rare bond between Kygo and Shear that goes far beyond basic business.

The multi-tiered lifestyle company focuses on apparel, luxury products, world-class events, and investments in consumer-craved brands and platforms. PTC’s very first investment deals were in Spotify, Uber, and LiquidIV. As they’ve invested in these venture-backed companies, they recognized the impact that a strategic investor can bring. PTC witnessed these companies prosper over the years into an IPO or sale, and in 2019, PTC decided to formalize their efforts so they can invest more. The goal for the brand is to build one of the most successful investment strategies in the world of consumer and consumer tech, including blockchain, and are looking at new opportunities in a wide range of categories every day. 

“We’re constantly investing in new start-ups and going after the venture world in finding new opportunities in expanding our business to take PTC to the next level. [PTC] is [a community of] all of Kygo’s fans, and we are engaging with them to find these new opportunities to grow,” says Shear. “Whether it’s our alcohol company, Long Drink, or our plant-based company, Daring Foods, we’re always trying to find new opportunities and things to get involved with,” he adds. Impressively, PTC has built an extensive portfolio of brands, including Long Drink, Poppi Soda, Daring Foods, Bitclout, Learn Monthly, ByteDance, and GoPuff. 

“We have some exciting things in the pipeline through Palm Tree Crew,” reveals Kygo as he hints at exciting new launches on the horizon for PTC. 

 Since its launch, the brand has garnered both a consumer and celebrity cult following with its sold-out apparel collaborations, like its  Puma Golf x Palm Tree Crew collaboration on golf gear.

Actually, when Kygo is not on stage, you can likely find him either spending time back home in Bergen with friends and family or on the golf course. “I’ve taken up golf in the last year and have become addicted, so you can find me on the golf course or at the driving range,” Kygo admits. Thus, it comes as no surprise the Puma x PTC golf collection alongside Pro Golfer Rickie Fowler—who is also a member of the PTC—has become a must-have in a golfer’s wardrobe. 

Being a native Miamian, Shear also shares a love for the sport. In fact, if you take a look at his Instagram, you will see Shear in Puma x PTC apparel across various courses in South Florida alongside Fowler and Kygo. “Miami has become Kygo’s second home. He loves it there and has become a part of the city,” says Shear as he casually laughs at the fact that many people assume Kygo lives in Miami. 

Shear is at the helm of a new generation of thought-leaders in Miami. “There’s a great, younger group coming up [in Miami], especially with the new crowd moving down. [We’re all] coming together, whether it’s investing in new brands or even going to concerts,” says Shear. “Everyone is huddled up trying to figure out first, what they do, and second, what we can do together, versus what they can’t do together. That’s the beauty of Miami—it’s a big city, but it’s very small, and everyone is talking all the time and constantly collaborating.” 

Kygo and Shear will soon be reunited in Ibiza to round out their time off before they hit the ground running again. “It’s definitely going to be a big fall,” they hint. “We have a lot of shows happening this fall, throwing our own festivals, and [so on]. We’re preparing.” 

Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund

Kygo & Myles ShearPhoto Credit: Johannes Lovund

While the remainder of the year will consist of a full schedule, the boys can’t deny the incredible energy of not only being together, but also around the fans. And for Kygo, he’s only just getting started as one of the most ubiquitous hitmakers in the world with never-ending inspiration. “I think there’s inspiration to be found everywhere,” he says. “I love making music for myself and home—my fans enjoy it, so that will always inspire me.”

For the very first time in history, Palm Tree Crew will be putting on their very own music festival, Palm Tree Music Festival, that kicks off in the Hamptons on August 29th. Tickets are available here and the team released exclusive festival merch, here.

Photo Credit: Johannes Lovund