Isabela Grutman On The Debut Of Her New Clothing Line: Rangel

Isabela Grutman Rangel Clothing Line
Isabela Grutman in Rangel Collection

Photo Credit: Sofi Perazzo

Isabela Rangel Grutman is the definition of a multi-hyphenate; over the past decade, she has grown her career from international model to global philanthropist, style influencer, brand builder, design advisor, and full-time mother. And recently, she added a new title to the impressive list of accolades: designer. Grutman launched her new clothing brand, Rangel, this month, a clothing line for mothers and children alike, made locally in Miami featuring 100% organic fabrics from Brazil—two places near and dear to Grutman’s heart. 

Haute Living sat down with Grutman for an exclusive look into the new brand, what inspired her to create the line, and what’s next.

HAUTE LIVING: First of all, congratulations! This line is incredible and very impressive. What inspired you to create this line?
ISABELA GRUTMAN: My whole life, I was always around fashion. I also studied Fashion Design and always enjoyed the process of designing and creating. During quarantine, I started making my girls dresses, and with the leftover fabrics, I would make little bows and dresses for their dolls. My friends and followers started telling me I should do a brand. I launched RANGEL for women and daughters, but I’m definitely looking to expand into other categories that I’m passionate about.

HL: Your daughters are clearly a significant source of inspiration for this line — did they also inspire the colors, prints, and silhouettes?
IG: They are my biggest inspiration, but the colors and prints were inspired by Brazil, my family, and my childhood. The silhouettes were inspired by a chic vacation, mirrored with my personal style. 

Isabela Grutman Rangel Clothing LinePhoto Credit: Sofi Perazzo

HL: Was creating a clothing brand something that was always on your radar?
IG: I’ve always loved fashion but never thought I would start my own brand. The pandemic and the time at home with my girls, definitely gave me time to reflect on what I’m really passionate about and that anything is possible.

HL: Did any of your past career experiences influence how you began creating this brand?
IG: Having had the opportunity to model for [many] different clothing brands, I got to see what is out there in the industry and how I could contribute in my own way. I love fashion, and with Rangel, I love being a part of the entire creation process, from start to finish, not just model what other people created.

HL: Was having the collection made locally in Miami and fabrics sourced from Brazil a huge priority for you when creating the line?
IG: I wanted everything to be local to Miami so that I had full control of the creative process, including the conditions for the people making the garments. Also, I think it’s very important to me to support local businesses and the local community. The fabrics for this collection were made in a factory close to the small town—Minas Gerais—where I used to live, and the dolls, too. Everything is very close to my heart, and I love that.

Isabela Grutman Rangel Clothing LinePhoto Credit: Sofi Perazzo
HL: So, what’s next for the line?
IG: I’m already getting inspiration and thinking about the designs for the next launch. I’m very excited to see where the brand is going to go, and cannot wait to share more pieces. I am truly so grateful for all the support I have received on RANGEL and all the great feedback I’m getting from all my friends and clients. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me!

HL: How do you find the time to do it all; from international model to global philanthropist, style influencer, brand builder, design advisor, and full-time mother?
IG: It gets overwhelming sometimes, but I love everything I do so much so it’s very rewarding.


To shop the full Rangel collection, visit the website here