Building A Scalable Business With Luis Scott

Photo Credit: Luis ScottBader and Scott Injury Lawyers has scaled their firm tremendously, during their first year alone they went from a 7 figure business to an 8 figure business. How did 2 men create a firm with over 100 employees in the span of a year?

In an interview with Seth Bader, Luis Scott explains that “you need to have a scalable business that has room for growth.” How do you build a business that can be scalable? By bringing on enough people and having the right people that are skilled for the job. They built a firm with a staff that was full of talent, and refrained from stretching themselves too thin. In just one year, Bader and Scott were able to start with around 25 employees and grow that into a company with over 100 employees.

Scott was able to see the vision for their firm, taking on about 140 cases a month, he knew when it was time to bring on more people to their team. In terms of growth, Scott talks about the importance of his mindset and how to cultivate an 8 figure mindset. Scott says, “it is the willingness to do”. People are scared to take the leap, but you have to be willing to do it in order to reach a new level of growth. Knowing that there are going to be times of plateau before growth, and you have to mentally prepare yourself for that. You can’t let the fear of the steady moments scare you into quitting.

How does Scott develop a mindset that helps him grow?

He talks about how reading has helped him over the years and how it relates to creating an 8 figure business. “Reading a lot, develops discipline and cements the mindset that you can do it”. However just having this mindset isn’t always enough, you have to apply it after. So when asked how much he would read, Scott explains, until I get what I want done. You can think about everything you want to do for a long time, but taking action is the most important step.

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