Australian Cookware Company Crumble Takes Customer Service To A New Level

Photo Credit: Crumble

To grow a business, the team must listen to what the customers have to say. That way, they will know what to work on and therefore continue to improve their products. This is precisely the case with Crumble, the Australian cookware company looking to one day become the biggest kitchenware brand in the country. Whether their products or the additional services they offer, their customers come first.

When it comes to cookware; quality and affordability are the aspects compared by the buyers. If you prioritize quality, you might have to give up on affordability and vice versa. However, with Crumble, this is not the case.

The founders of Crumble noticed the lack of reasonably priced yet high-quality kitchenware, so they focused on meeting this need. Cast iron is used as an alternative material for the products, so they are durable and less expensive than copper and premium stainless steel. In fact, many have even expressed their delight over the cookware’s sustainability on Instagram. As Chloe Qu, the head of Customer Experience pointed out “We want to bring the joy back into cooking by offering stylish and quality cookware which functions and looks great in every kitchen.”

However, the issue with high-class and affordable kitchenware is that customers don’t trust this combination. This is why Crumble’s Dutch Ovens come with a 30-day risk-free trial. Give the products a try for a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of one month. Then, if you think you’re not satisfied with the value of your investment, you can let the company know by applying for a refund.

All components of the products, including the accessories, must be returned. This refers to the mitts, knob, and spoon. In case any are missing, there will be deductions from the refund. In addition, damages considered just normal wear and tear will result in an additional charge. Once received, the returned products are either donated to the local community or melted and reused for other purposes.

Crumble offers a lifetime warranty of their Dutch Oven to further guarantee that the products are of high quality. However, this doesn’t cover cosmetic damages and the effects of improper use, cleaning, or storage. Therefore, regardless of how much time has passed, you can get a free repair or replacement if your claim for warranty is valid and you have the original receipt.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen mitts, silicone spoon, and stainless-steel knob, the warranty is only for one year. Likewise, the claim will only be valid if the accessories are faulty upon purchase or damaged, even when proper use and handling guidelines are followed. Of course, proof of purchase will also be required when claiming a refund.

Crumble makes sure that its cookware line passes its customers’ standards, whether in the price or overall look. The company is also transparent about its mission and the steps they are taking. In fact, for every oven sold, Crumble donates meals for five meals for the hungry with the help of The Foodbank Australia. Not only can the company impact households but also the whole community in Australia.

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