How Sean Taylor And Jacorey Barkley Are Rocking The Music World With Contraband

Photo Credit: ContrabandAs the music industry becomes increasingly competitive, digital marketing has become an excellent tool for different artists to enter the industry. Contraband is a top digital music marketing agency helping artists and music labels achieve growth in the entertainment industry.

Founded by Sean Taylor and Jacorey Barkley, Contraband is a music promotion and digital marketing agency. With their unique tools and skillset, this duo connects music artists with their fans in their own unique way.

Having worked in the tech industry, Sean is conversant and experienced in this field. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel, BRANDMAN NETWORK, where he helps his audience understand music marketing and tips to excel in the industry.

Jacorey is the developer of the multi-faceted festival “Blue Summer” and an expert digital music marketer and developer. He is also experienced in public relations and communication, not to mention his career and experience in music, art and film.

With their combined skills, experience, and knowledge, the duo is what the entertainment industry was lacking. Upcoming artists often find it difficult to establish themselves in the market. This is primarily because of the lack of a proper marketing strategy. According to the duo, it is very sad that the industry loses some of these incredible talents simply because their marketing strategies were ineffective.

Motivated by the struggles various artists and labels encounter in marketing their songs, some end up giving up on their careers. Contraband decided to be the change the industry needed. Through Contraband, artists now have a bridge between themselves and their audience.

In digital marketing, market research is essential. Contraband uses data-driven systems that allow them to effectively measure campaign potential. The pair says this helps them analyze the impacts and decide what the audience is likely to be interested in. This helps their clients reach the right people, therefore, driving engagement to their content.

Social media continues to play a pivotal role in music promotion, says the duo. However, most artists do not know how to engage with their audience. You might find an artist has thousands of followers, but their music gets much fewer views, and yet another has more views but fewer followers. Sean and Jacorey both agree that how you identify with your audience affects the marketing of your content.

With so many streaming services and platforms for your music to be heard, you can monetize your talent and become a global superstar if you work hard at it. All it takes is an effective marketing strategy. As they continue to rock the music industry, Contraband is on a mission to help artists grow and reach their audiences.

With Covid 19 and the cancellation of many performances and music tours, artists have taken to their social media platforms to engage with their audiences through live concerts. In regards to this, having a great digital music marketer will help you drive engagement to your performances.

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