Kings Premium Hemp Is Changing The Smoking Experience Forever

Photo Credit: Kings Premium Hemp
Every aspect of our everyday life is changing towards healthier choices, be it our preference for healthier food, or an active versus inert lifestyle. We are used to lactose-free and gluten-free diets, we try to avoid harmful fats and have long learned that there is bad and good cholesterol. In short, an average American is knowledgeable enough to make a healthy choice for oneself. However, one undeniably destructive habit has been with us for decades – tobacco smoking. Tobacco is the ultimate culprit—an estimated 20 percent of deaths in the US occur due to tobacco smoking, its direct and indirect consequences. The awareness of its harmful, almost deadly effects is strong, yet the allure of smoking is still there; cigarette smoke is associated for many of us with reflection, a pause we take in a day’s work, it may even carry an emotional message from the past. Nowadays, tobacco smokers are outcasts forced to indulge in their vicious habit in places where they are out of reach for the non-smoking majority.
One company is offering a radical alternative to the tobacco-smoking minority and the non-smoking majority, for that matter. Kings Premium Hemp, an up-and-coming hemp cigarette company, is bringing a healthy solution to the smoking world. Their pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, or smokables, are tobacco-free hence they contain zero nicotine responsible for dependency and are rich in CBD. CBD has a beneficial effect because it increases blood flow in the same way as nicotine does, yet it is anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic. The process of smoking Kings Premiums is in no way different from smoking a regular tobacco cigarette, just healthier and free of chemicals that accompany tobacco smoke. Moreover, to make the smoking experience complete, the Kings smokable burns just like a cigarette thanks in part to its 100-percent  biodegradable hemp filter that provides unobstructed airflow and less waste. Each Kings Premium Hemp pre-rolled cigarette contains 0.5 g of American grown, premium hemp flower blend plus 0.3%  or less THC, the amount that does not induce any psychoactive reaction. The mix in every smokable is perfectly balanced to produce a relaxing effect without the unhealthy aftermath of tobacco. 
Kings Premium Hemp cigarettes are made for those who seek to minimize stress in their lives and cope with it while keeping a clear mind while steering clear of harmful effects. In that sense, their product offers a perfect solution. Whether you want to enjoy a Kings smokable alone and reflect on your day, or in the company of your near and dear, Kings Premium Hemp smokable will be your perfect companion with class and no harm. 
To learn more about Kings Premium Hemp, visit their website.
Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd