A Conversation With Diamond Whites Co-Founder, Dr. Richard Marques

Photo Credit: Dr. Richard Marques
Today, thanks to the latest innovations in technology, straightening one’s teeth doesn’t have to involve metal braces anymore. And with these new developments, one up-and-coming British invisible aligners company is single-handedly changing the treatment process by way of the most up-to-date technology combined with their premium customer service that every patient encounters when trusting Diamond Whites with their new smile. 
Supported by a celebrity dentist from London’s esteemed Harley Street and unlike many other invisible aligner companies, Diamond Whites’ Dr. Richard Marques personally reviews each patient’s treatment plan, whether near or far. With a commitment to providing the utmost service to their patients as they journey to achieve the smile of their dreams, Diamond Whites together with Dr. Marques is quickly on its way to being recognized as the premium choice in the industry of invisible aligners. We recently sat down for a conversation with Dr. Marques to discuss what makes Diamond Whites so different from the rest. 

Q: You’ve worked with some major celebrities. What is it like to now offer your services to people, both near and now afar? 

A: Thanks for this. Yes, I have been lucky enough to have amazing celebrities, young professionals, and older clients at my clinic. I am so happy to now be able to provide smile makeovers through Diamond Whites aligners remotely so more people can have a fantastic smile. My motto is that we “treat every single patient and customer near and far as a celebrity!” That to me means that we provide a celebrity-style level of customer service, attention to detail, and results for every single person who trusts us with their smile! We are absolutely passionate about providing the ultimate best experience and results in the industry with our amazing team!

Q: Can you walk us through the process of what it’s like to review Diamond Whites patient plans? 

A: I review and approve every single plan myself so that the process is perfect. We also offer remote checks of the teeth and gums through our partnership with Dental Monitoring which uses AI to monitor the teeth, gums, and aligners. If we do not feel we can provide a great result then we will not take on the case. It is important to us that DW aligners produce amazing smiles.

Q: How is Diamond Whites better than other invisible aligner competitors? 

A: We genuinely believe we are the ultimate best invisible aligners.
1. All our DW aligners are approved and produced in the U.K. 
2. We are a hybrid system with a network of clinics and clinical staff that can help to answer questions and track the process
3. Diamond Whites has the absolute best customer service and reputation in the industry and we genuinely care about every customer and every smile 

Q: What has been most rewarding for you throughout the process of growing Diamond Whites? 

A: Working with our team including Ben, the incredible co-founder. Social co our social media experts. Moscar our early investors. Belle PR who does our media relations. Then the entire Diamond Whites staff team continuously goes above and beyond for our customers. Being able to improve smiles is worth everything!!

Q: Can you explain the technology behind ScanBox and how it augments the progression of Diamond Whites aligners treatment?

The scan box (in partnership with Dental Monitoring) used AI technology to track the teeth, gums, and aligners. Using digital photos and computerized comparison it can pick out the important features of each case. We genuinely know that this improves results. It is an extra cost to us that we do not pass onto the customers to give the best smiles and experience.

Q: Who is the perfect candidate for Diamond Whites invisible aligners? 

A: Anyone who would like to improve their smiles. Many of our clients are young professionals however we also see more and more mature clients who wish to improve their smiles! 

Q: What are you most looking forward to now as Diamond Whites continue to grow? 

A: When a customer comes to us and tells us how DW aligners have genuinely changed their confidence with being able to smile it is so rewarding. As of now, we are beginning to collate these incredible before and afters and video testimonials from our customers to show what a difference DW aligners can make to the smiles. We have so many exciting things in the pipeline from new products to global expansion. Diamond Whites would like to spread beautiful smiles throughout the world and improve our customers’ confidence and wellbeing.
Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd