Communication Is The Key To Success In Real Estate Business – Yenny Hanley

Photo Credit: Chris Diaz AgencyHow we communicate is the foundation of our personal and professional lives. The better our communication style, the stronger our ability to navigate the uncertainties of the business world, empowering us to avoid crumbling under pressure. Our day-to-day life can present a myriad of challenges. Real estate professional Yenny Hanley, therefore, acknowledges the power of communication in her business and believes that it is the key to succeed in the industry.

O​ne of Miami’s top real estate agents, Yenny Hanley works with her clients, outlining their needs and creating a game plan to meet them. “Real estate can be a very heated market, especially now, and you want to ensure that your clients trust you with the biggest purchase of their lives,” explains Yenny. “Open and trusted communication must be a priority in your interactions.”

Understanding that clients must feel comfortable not only working with but communicating with their agents, Yenny puts their minds at ease with her confident and knowledgeable approach. “You can’t get your clients what they want if you don’t know what it is,” states Yenny. “Ask them questions, get them talking about their lifestyle and their goals, and you can paint a very clear picture of what they expect.”

Communication is the first step in meeting and exceeding your client’s expectations, which could be incredibly high when it comes to real estate. “Clients are looking for homes or investments, making them a strong component of the communities they reside and work in,” says Yenny. “Good communication empowers you to find the place where they are going to be the best fit.”

Y​enny never overlooks communication in her deals, making her an influencer in the industry. Having overseen substantial development projects in Miami and sold some of the city’s best properties, Yenny’s business strategy focuses on giving her clients a voice and capitalizing on it. Taking the art of conversation seriously, Yenny Hanley takes hold of the industry and gets her clients precisely what they want.

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