Brandon Ivan Pena Is Taking His Natural Flavored 787 Coffee And Caffeinated Life Of BrandOn All Around The World

Photo Credit: Brandon Ivan PenaThe entire lockdown situation has disturbed our lives and made many of us lazy. Although people are working from home, still waking up early and keeping up with busy life has been difficult. So what do you think is the solution to be active and stay focused in such situations? Yes, of course. What can be more effective than coffee? But this time, why don’t you give it a try? One’s life should experience multiple flavors, right? So let us introduce you to a new brand of coffee BrandOn, which is becoming famous for its fresh and natural flavors, presented by Brandon Ivan Pena.

About Brandon Ivan Pena

Brandon Ivan Pena is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business consultant. Born in El Paso, Texas, Brandon is one of the successful Latin businessmen in the industry. In fact one of his reasons to become an entrepreneur was to raise the name of Latin people in the business world as according to Brandon; there are very few high names of Latin in the industry. Today, not only does he run a successful business but also raises the names of his people. He has created huge connections in the industry and is highly respected among them.

Another main reason for Brandon to get involved in the business industry follows his passion for coffee. He wanted to let the world taste his savored coffee. As a coffee addict, he knows the true taste and things required for it.

“I became well-established due to my involvement in the coffee industry. A shameless coffee lover myself, I consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. Simply, I want to share the coffee experience with others. Clients and customers deserve to finally learn what properly grown, roasted, and freshly brewed coffee tastes like, instead of relying on those easily purchased instant pouches. Because I wanted the experience to be as authentic and inspiring as possible, I consistently ensured that 787 Coffee would never be grouped along with other such cafes or coffee brands.”

Photo Credit: Brandon Ivan PenaWork of Brandon Ivan Pena

Have you heard the name 787 Coffee? Brandon Ivan is the one behind its taste and quality. He has brought such a unique taste to the market that whoever gets the taste becomes a fan. All of his projects such as 787 coffee, BrandOn, and Hacienda Iluminada have been famous among New York people. After taking a survey, we concluded that people are admiring his coffee because of its exceptional savor and super zest.

How is it made? The process consists of the creation of fine, desirable, and delicious coffee beans at the farms of Puerto Rico (owned by Brandon) and then tested by experts including Brandon.

Besides running a successful coffee brand, Brandon is an agent, dedicated himself to business consulting and youth motivational conferences. Being experienced in the business world from a young age, Brandon offers various workshops for new and young entrepreneurs through his company BrandOn. Till now he has done many workshops in Design Shanghai, Latinos Pa Lante, SXSW, C2MTL, and Social Media Week Puerto Rico.

What is Brandon up to next?

After winning the hearts of New York people, Brandon has announced that 787 Coffee will soon open new shops in Brooklyn and on the west side of Manhattan. There are currently 12 coffee shops running and by the end of the year, 8 more will open. So get ready to enjoy the world’s best coffee and have more cool lifestyles!

By humans for humans! Directly from our coffee farm in Puerto Rico.

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