Aidan Mullis-Park On The First Of Many Double Mansion Takeover Events

Photo Credit: Aidan Mullis-ParkSignature Auto’s founder Aidan Mullis-Park’s current focus is helping the legendary Ferrari brand reach its full potential and owning a 488 certainly helps achieve this goal. Having worked for top names in the hospitality industry such as Ritz-Carlton, Aidan Mullis-Park learned how to anticipate and deliver the needs of even the highest-level guests. He has adapted this strategy to the business world, giving him an advantage thanks to a background in luxury customer service. Aidan combined both areas when he launched Signature Auto, a high-end rental service catering to distinguished clients.

To say business is booming would be an understatement. Aidan Mullis-Park realizes that people have missed out on vacations and recreation due to the pandemic, and they are ready to make up for the lost time in high fashion. This hiatus has created a high demand for upscale transportation, meaning the fleet at Signature Auto sees unprecedented growth. The company is known for its coveted high-end car rental service that includes Corvettes and Maserati’s for Orlando’s most distinguished clients.

Aidan views these luxury cars as a way of breaking social barriers and bringing enthusiasts together. To offer people an enjoyable event as COVID-19 restrictions lift, Mullis-Park recently hosted the Double Mansion Takeover at two of his beautiful lakeside properties. This fantasy car show took place on June 19 and is the first of more events to come. It was an opportunity for people to see old friends, make new ones, and share their love of car culture. Not to mention a chance to get up close and personal with some of the world’s hottest automobiles.

A genius for successfully overlapping business concepts, Aidan Mullis-Park has created an event that attracts potential clients while enthusiasts gather to admire these automotive works of art. After all, who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?

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