Valyou Furniture Leader In Customer Satisfaction

Photo Credit: Valyou FurnitureWhether you are in the market for a new sofa or a bed, or any other piece of furniture for that matter, or you are moving into a new house and have to fully furnish it, you are in for an arduous task. At times, you ask yourself whether the old furniture could stay a little longer, you are worried about the delivery time, whether the price is right, etc. However, you need to brace up and go for it! To get the most from your furniture buying experience we recommend Valyou Furniture who are among the best US furniture manufacturers in terms of customer satisfaction.

The company has a strong manufacturing base and warehouse facilities in Nevada and now delivers furnishings to 50 states. Valyou is there for the long haul. In contrast with many furniture companies that outsource production, Valyou owns factories and warehouses, which allows it to have complete command of its value chain. It delivers unmatched efficiency to customers which is reflected in superb quality, timely delivery, and great prices.  By controlling the manufacturing and the distribution sides of the business, the company is fast to react to new trends and immediately roll out the most current furniture designs.

Valyou’s furnishings are state-of-the-art, on-trend, and stylish. Low cost, affordability, quality, and on-time delivery are the company’s distinguishing features behind its triumph on the islands and in mainland USA. Islanders even get free delivery. Valyou furnishings and home decor items are especially popular with young homeowners, renters, and interior designers who are after on-trend styles at reasonable prices. Offering various styles—Nordic, Coastal, Bohemian, Modern, Minimal, and Mid-Century—Valyou caters to a wide range of customer tastes and preferences. Delighted customer reviews are proof of Valyou’s high-end manufacturing, design, and delivery standards.

“Experience overall was wonderful! Price, service, everything. Very excited about this new business!” writes one customer. Numerous reviews echo the same sentiment attesting to great quality and meeting customer expectations. “It’s fantastic. I bought the couch for my wife who wanted a couch like this for some time, and moving into a new house was the perfect opportunity. The shipping was pretty fast and was delivered right to my door. The couch is extremely comfortable and of really good quality! My wife says “the best couch ever!”. And I have to agree,” another happy customer shares his emotions.

Furniture buyers’ satisfaction depends on many factors, delivery time being one of the most important. Valyou customers often praise it for on-time delivery, “We placed our order May 9th and received the bed 4 weeks later. Given the current demand of furniture and overseas shipping times, we were honestly surprised we received it when we did, as some local furniture stores had 8 to 12 week lead times.”

Overall, Valyou Furniture is a go-to place to satisfy the most demanding taste for furnishings covering the broad spectrum of household needs. If you are after on-trend, high-quality, durable, and affordable furniture, Valyou is your partner. Visit their website and check them out on Instagram for new releases and ideas for your home.

Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd