New York Entrepreneur, Hannah Pereira, Teams Up With Ashton Jude To Create ‘Bath Box’ Brand Dominating In Australia, Planning USA Expansion

Photo Credit: BathBox

From growing up in a small town, Arkport, New York, to now building a multi-million dollar empire in fast-paced Melbourne, Australia, Hannah Pereira is a businesswoman ready to take on the world.

Like so many successful startups these days, the luxury bath brand, Bath Box, was born as a solution to a very common problem. In fact, Hannah had moved from New York to Melbourne, Australia in 2014 and for a few years struggled to find suitable skin care in Australia for her acne-prone skin.

Unfortunately, the skin care brands she relied on back home in New York were not readily available in Melbourne, or the entirety of Australia for that matter.

“I searched many local shops, popular department stores, and even looked online.” Hannah explained. “I tried so many brands, but could not find anything that consistently worked for my skin.”

Rather than give up, Hannah pursued to solve this problem by researching how she could make her own natural skin care products.

After only a few weeks of experimenting with formulations, Hannah had created several natural soaps, face masks, skin scrubs and lotions.

“The products I created worked so well for my skin. I think it was because I knew exactly what was in it, the natural ingredients did wonders for my skin,” says Hannah.

With the positive results she experienced firsthand, she decided to share some of her products with friends and family. This was met with immense praise and positive feedback, so Hannah quickly realized she had something special at her fingertips.

She posted photos of some of her products online for sale, and many customers were eager to try them. With this additional mark of success, Hannah brought her husband, serial entrepreneur Ashton Jude, onboard the Bath Box team.

With Ashton Jude’s vast experience and unique skillset in digital sales and eCommerce growth, the duo were quickly able to take the Bath Box operation from a home garage to a large factory space. And it was at this moment that not only was Bath Box born, but grew into more than just a skin care brand, with a large category of product offerings turning the company today into one of Australia fastest growing luxury bath brands.

Today, the company has a large team of 15 staff, and Hannah and Ashton have brought onboard a third partner, Kim Pereira, who manages customer service and customer engagement operations for the brand.

Currently, Bath Box has a large range of product offerings, from luxury bath bombs and bath salts to bath comfort accessories, including the brand’s best-selling bath pillow and bath caddy combination.

“The right collection of products, that were developed by listening closely to what our customers wanted, has been the reason for our rapid growth and ultimately our business success,” explains Ashton.

Despite the roller coaster year that 2020 became, with the worldwide pandemic, Bath Box experienced a surge in sales. This was a catalyst that the team believe they benefited from because they continued to sell online-only, and “future proofing” their business.

It was this growth boost that continued into 2021, which helped the business reach new highs, on track for over $5.5M sales in 2021.

The team at Bath Box have told us that ‘global growth is on the cards’ for Bath Box.

With a large Instagram fan base located in North America, this move could make a lot of sense for Bath Box, but could be as far as two years away according to the Australian brand.

‘We believe that we can continue to grow our business in Australia, but will begin to explore ways to sell our products in the US, Canada and the UK around the end of 2022 or early 2023’, says Ashton.

With humble beginnings, as a weekend hobby at home, the success of Australia’s fast-growing Bath Box brand is remarkable. Quickly becoming a well-known brand across households in Australia, although Hannah founded Bath Box in her kitchen in Melbourne, Australia, she is very excited to one day bring it back to her home in the USA.

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