Magni Skin Reveals Their Top Celebrity Clients

Photo Credit: Magni Skin

Good skincare and healthy skin reflect the overall health and well-being of a person. Glowing skin not only boosts the self-esteem of a person but it tells a lot about their healthy habits and disciplined lifestyle. Skincare treatments have become an essential part of the entertainment industry. It is becoming increasingly popular among celebrities who live under tremendous pressure to always look their best to take good care of their beauty. Magni Skin, a skin care clinic based in London has been offering world-class skin and body enhancement treatments since 2019. The clinic was founded by two sisters, Pinar and Songul who are working hard to make Magni Skin a global brand.

Magni Skin is a clinic using the latest technology to give the most desirable results to its clients. The clinic was founded with the goal to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own bodies and skin. Today, Magni Skin ( has become the ultimate go-to destination for people seeking the perfect skin that they have always wanted. Every treatment at Magni Skin is personalized as per the requirements of the client and follows a non-invasive procedure. This is the reason the results are almost always amazing when compared to the most expensive body enhancement treatments provided around the world.

Magni Skin has delivered wonderful results to its long list of clients that include top influencers, bloggers, and TV personalities.

Here are some of the top celebrity clients that Magni Skin has served.

Sasha Ellese

Sasha Ellese is a social media influencer with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, she has tried the Dipomed Stretch Mark reduction treatment and EMSculpt and has seen successful results from both!

Its Bee

Its Bee is a social media influencer who has tried several treatments at Magni Skin including Bumcial, BBL, Laser Hair Removal, and EMSculpt.

Lemy Beauty

Lemy Beauty is a famous model, fitness influencer, and star on Instagram. With over 2 million followers on her social media profile, she deserved to look her best in her pictures. Lemy underwent the laser hair removal procedure at Magni Skin and was very satisfied with the result.

Arabella Chi

Arabella Chi became a well-known face in the television industry after she was featured in season 5 of the ‘Love Island’ series. She was one of the islanders in the series. Arabella tried the facial and Brazilian Booty Lift at Magni Skin. She was impressed by her results and is one of the loyal customers of the brand.

Baby Gee

Baby Gee is a much sought-after personality in the music and dance industry. Her profession involves several public appearances where she wants to look perfect. Baby Gee often goes for facial treatments at Magni Skin and is one of the loyal customers of the brand.

Ellie Jones

Ellie Jones became a famous television personality after her appearance in the fourth season of the ‘Love Island’ series. She underwent a non-surgical Brazilian Booty Lift treatment at Magni Skin.

Janet Joshua

Janet Joshua is an entrepreneur and Influencer on Instagram. She is the sister of the renowned boxer Anthony Joshua. Janet Joshua is another loyal customer of Magni Skin and loves their facial treatments.

Francesca Allen

Francesca Allen is a TV personality from ‘Love Island’. She had her BBL and double chin reduction treatments at Magni Skin.

Sasha Pereira

Sasha Pereira is a freedom model and influencer on Instagram. She was impressed with the Brazilian Booty Lift treatment at Magni Skin.

Elma Pazar

Elma Pazar was an islander on the 5th season of the ‘Love Island’ series. She is also a fashion influencer on TikTok and Instagram. Elma Pazar is one of the satisfied clients of Magni Skin who underwent BBL treatment.

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