Luca Diddi’s Sportswear Brand ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ Is doing Wonders In Celebrity And Sports Management

Photo Credit: Luca Diddi

In the last few years, the sports industry has seen booming growth across the world. Be it any sport, sports teams and sports personalities have successfully garnered the attention of brands. With a majority of brand sponsorships and endorsements, the celebrities from the industry have brought a significant change today. When we talk about football, in particular, the sport has been a universal favorite of fans on a global level. With such an ever-growing demand, sportswear brand ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ has been the one-stop destination for football lovers.

Being an ultimate platform for the global football community, the company has been offering different services to its clients. Established on March 5, 2015, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ was officially registered in Italy in June 2020. Besides having an exclusive collection of sports apparel and gadgets in its shop, the online platform offers distinct services like building media presence, content creation, marketing, and celebrity management. The brand in the last two years has excelled over the digital domain with a fanbase of more than a million on Instagram.

Moreover, the one-of-a-kind company has got many followers including top-notch celebrities, athletes and football players. The brainchild behind ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is Luca Diddi, a match analyst and a digital entrepreneur. His vision to take the brand on a global platform has undeniably seen robust growth. As of now, ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is building a strong clientele by managing the work of well-known footballers and budding sportsmen.

Currently, the company has gone an extra mile for its clients. By setting a bar in sports and celebrity management, the founder said, “We are working to get the best marketing and brand endorsement deals for our clients. When a brand works with the best names from the industry, the company’s goodwill is bound to reach newer heights. That’s what I think of my company’s future.” Well, this strategy of celebrity management and brand endorsement deals seem to work big time for Luca’s company.

Along with celebrity management, organizing big football events is what the company is looking out for in the coming time. “As and when the cases of coronavirus drops and the situation gets better, we shall organize big sports events for all the football fans”, added Luca Diddi. All in all, the 360-degree services offered by the brand is working big time, and it seems that ‘Calciatori Ignoranti’ is on its way to becoming one of the most formidable digital agencies across the world.

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