Avoid These Rookie Mistakes While Starting A New Venture: Mervik Haums

Photo Credit: Mervik Haums

The word “startup” or “nascent entrepreneur”, in most people’s minds, conjures up an image of a clueless space cadet wearing Nike and dreaming of becoming a billionaire overnight. Unless the startup rises to a stature, no one really recognizes the worth of that startup and the new entrepreneur. Startup Fortune founder Mervik Haums talks about the importance of encouraging startups and novice entrepreneurs and why he helps them grow. Let’s delve. Startups create jobs. Well, every business creates jobs, so what makes startups run by rookie entrepreneurs more special?

Mervik Haums answers this by referring to the US as an example, “If you take the startups out, US would not see net job growth.” From 1976 to 2006, current companies then were responsible for one million annual job losses in the US compared to startups which added approximately three million jobs per year.

Mervik explains that startups give rise to more than double job opportunities compared to other business establishments. Mervik backs this up with a great example. The US economy had managed to restore all of the job posts that were taken away during the economic crisis. How? The startups came to the rescue of the US economy. Mervik points to the fact that more than ninety percent of business organizations in America have 50 or fewer employees. This alone makes startups crucial for the betterment of the American economy.

Besides, startups and new entrepreneurs make the environment competitive for businesses and educational institutes leaving behind more affordable and quality options for customers. Mervik Haums is helping startups and new entrepreneurs grow and together transforming society into a more productive and proactive one.

Mervik Haums is an ace author, entrepreneur, and the founder of Startup Fortune which via guides and coaching helps startups and small businesses to improve their branding and boost their growth.

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