Women’s Clothing Brand Love Loren Finds A Niche In Classy And Quality Lingerie

Photo Credit: Love Loren

Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd

These days, so much of women’s fashion revolves around sex appeal. With social media feeds and pop culture constantly promoting an oversaturated sexualized perception of women, clothing can be one way to set oneself apart from the rest. And while for some, a little sex appeal is empowering and warranted, for those looking for class and quality material, options can be limited. But from one brand that started as a clothing line that wanted to offer thoughtful and delicate lingerie, comes a line of intentional women’s clothing that speaks volumes with its insightful designs and dedication to quality. Love Loren.

In recent years, lingerie has become bolder and more brazen with designs that perpetuate the over-sexualization of a woman’s body. But Love Loren began with simple lingerie designs that aim to celebrate a woman’s body with class and femininity. Despite the fact that so many fast fashion brands offer lingerie that’s either racy or cheaply made, Love Loren sought to design a line of lingerie that is as equally stylish and classy as it is quality and well-made. Having launched initially in 2015 as a lingerie brand, the women’s clothing line has since developed into a minimal line of apparel that includes swimwear, dresses, stylish tops, and bodysuits as well as accessories.

With their commitment to offering clothing that is thoughtfully designed and produced with quality materials, Love Loren’s clothes speak for themselves. Considering fabric quality, sourcing, fit and style, design, wearability, and durability, the clothing line isn’t just focused on creating clothes, but instead, creating clothing for women that is stylish and classy, made with impeccable quality. Selective in what they design and choose to sell on their site, Love Loren aims to create clothing for women that are timeless and delicate. To browse their selection and to learn more about the brand, visit Love Loren for their latest styles or follow them on Instagram for updates on upcoming drops.