Tastemaker Gabby Luna Carries Her Interior Design Vision To A Stunning Reality

Photo Credit: Gabby Luna

Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd

Every adversity bears with it the seed of an equivalent opportunity.

The famous Napoleon Hill quote applies every bit as much today as when it was originally published in the early 1930s.

Needless to say, however, it’s much easier said than done.

In the wake of Covid-19, however, the lions-share of society has been ostensibly stuck without recourse. Unable to make headway in their traditional vocations, most Americans have unfortunately succumbed to loss, frustration, and deflation of morale during the virus.

Which, only makes those who propel themselves forward along innovative avenues that much more compelling and impressive.

Those such as Gabby Luna. An influential fashion model, Gabby took the pandemic as an opportunity to pivot towards a brand new direction she always had a latent passion for interior design.

Rather than stay twiddling her thumbs during the pandemic, Gabby set off to the West Coast where she landed a seminal project converting the garage of a bucolic country estate in Montecito into a string of contiguous bungalow casitas.

Fashioned in the Hotel Bel-Air mid-century style, Gabby’s innovative interior design work erected an elegant new wing to the sprawling Montecito estate. Family-friendly, individually unique, and design-forward, Gabby’s contribution to the Riviera Estate (completed between June and December of 2020) has already appreciated the value of the overall property by a whopping 80%.

Photo Credit: Gabby Luna

Gabby’s project- in which she carried out all of the furniture sourcing, interior detailing, and casita floor planning- has established a clear proof of concept that’s resounded within the local Santa Barbara community and is already opening up new doors for her in the interior design industry.

Her status as an emerging tastemaker and visionary in the industry is sudden, yes, but well deserved. A few looks at the bungalows she curated is sufficient to see that a promising future lies before her and that she may even be part of its post-pandemic revival.

Photo Credit: Gabby Luna