Meet Rashed Ali AlMansoori – The Youngster That Made UAE Proud As A Leading Tech Expert, Journalist And A Creative Soul!

Photo Credit: Rashed Ali Almansoori

Written In Partnership With DN News Desk

Every country has its own gems of prominent and talented people that made their country proud in a shape or form with their achievements in their respective fields. This is impressive, however, what if the achievements of the individual are at a young age that had not only managed to make his or her country proud but the entire region.

Well, then we are certainly talking about the Emirati Tech genius: Rashed Ali Almansoori that made the entire Arab region proud of his extraordinary achievements: from creating an innovative and useful device named UTAG to leveraging his influence in an intelligent and meaningful manner to educate and navigate countless people through tech.

This is just getting started with this accomplished young man, as dominating the world of tech is just a part of his various outstanding achievements. As man aiming to create new heights of success he mastered the art of juggling between careers performing a flawless job as his talent was evident from being a reputable journalist to taking the world of social media by storm as a professional developer of Instagram lenses and social media expert delivering useful information about everything tech-related; whether it is to make your life easier or protecting you and your information from any harmful internet vulnerabilities.

His tech reviews and tutorials are in Arabic but can be universally watched due to the effort placed on the visuals and the simplification of complicated tech jargon, leading to his tutorials being well-received by all age groups on a wider geographic scope. Spending time and effort to build a giant library filled with information to benefit everyone without asking for anything in return is something beyond generous. When we ask Rashed why? he answered “Using something that I am passionate about to help people is something I always wanted to do” proving the selfless and caring mindset the young man has.

Rashed’s kind nature is further proved by the brilliant idea of inventing a device called UTAG that ensured countless people are safe during the pandemic. The idea was getting people closer and social yet distant and safe. Amidst many famous figures in social media that came to prominence, few are those that are using their influence for good. Rashed, on the other hand, used his authenticity and good intentions to set a great example not only for ordinary people but also for influencers to follow.

As a notable figure in social media, he is doing very well and regularly reaching milestones as one of the most-watched and most followed tech gurus in Snapchat, the Snapchat verified star and millions of views did not come out of anywhere, nor the staggering 300000 following on Instagram. This is purely valuable content that made an impact on people’s lives. The 30-year-old, teaches us a lesson on success, being a consistent process requiring courage, consistency, and a positive mentality. The young man believes that there are no shortcuts to success as he has mentioned “If something comes easy, it will most likely go easy” and added “Work hard consistently and the reward would last longer”

When we asked him about his future plans, he answered “I cannot disclose much at the moment but it will be most likely a tech-related endeavor that involves helping people” reminding us of the quote that best suits the gentleman “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Rashed Ali is setting a great example for the youth as an influencing figure, paving the path for youngsters to innovate, give and revolutionize as the exceptional Tech guru shows them how.

Establishing himself as a prodigy in his niche and conquering new heights of success. Had led the determined and talented young boy, that was born and raised in Abu Dhabi with no journalistic background before to carve his name as a leading journalist at Al-Bayan newspaper. His insightful contributions had attracted many eyeballs including the audience that are not normally following the tech news. His ability to adapt and shifting between careers can only prove time and again his courageous soul and versatile nature.

Rashed is a name to watch out for not only in 2021 but also years to come as a soul that settles for nothing less than perfect!