Louis Vuitton and Maison Tamboite Team Up to Create a Couture Bike

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton

Judging by the very long lines outside of any, and all, Louis Vuitton stores across Dade County, the profits are rolling in for the LVMH Group recently named fashion’s most valuable brands with the highest retail valuation. But money is not the only thing rolling around the French headquarters of chic. Louis Vuitton has recently teamed up with Parisian bike-maker Maison Tamboite, another legendary Gaulois marque, to launch the LV Bike line of bicycles. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Vuitton could not have found a better partner in this endeavor. Maison Tamboite, founded on the dream to create bicycles like sculptures, has been manufacturing them for more than 107 years. All were handmade and made to order combining materials such as steel, leather, and wood resulting in a long-lasting, perfectly engineered, and beautiful to look at velocipede.

Said collaboration motivated both sides to challenge expectations with jaw-dropping results. A new, if not subtle, take on the classic model, the LV Bike celebrates heritage and modernity through its luxury lens. Available in five models, there are two additional exclusive styles produced in collaboration with the renegade conceptual artist Urs Fischer /the Fischer bike is part of a larger capsule collection inspired by Vuitton’s emblem, which includes bags, scarves, and sneakers).

As to be expected Louis Vuitton’s aesthetic ethos permeates the creation. From a monogram flower chain set to an interlocking LV-shaped frame to top-end leather enveloping each saddle, handlebar and cables, Louis Vuitton materials are also found on the luggage rack of the closed-frame LV bike. On the technical side, LV Bike comes with LED lighting, a tracker, shock absorbers under the seat, and airless tires.

and on the front basket of the step-through frame LV bike. The finishing touch? Your own initials, of course. The icing on this case? There is the possibility of engraving your initials on a leather patch that will be placed on the rear wheel.