Liam James Collins: Coaching His Way To Success With The Coaching Masters

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Photo Credit: Liam James Collins

If you have ever thought of becoming a life coach, then you undoubtedly have a keen interest in people’s wellbeing and love to see them succeed.

After several wrong turns and many challenging situations, Liam James Collins took on this enormous task of improving others’ lives by becoming a life coach. Inspired by the likes of Tony Robbins, after reaching a low point in his life, Liam decided that he would uplift himself by inspiring others.

Journey to becoming a life coach

“I was so sick and tired of trying and failing to become successful that I decided to train as a Life Coach so I could help other people achieve their dreams instead.”

Liam wanted to change his focus. He tried to shift from his journey and instead focus on helping others. This decision would change the course of Liam’s life forever and make him very successful. This is how he decided to become a life coach. “I read tons of books, attended lots of seminars, bought various courses and eventually became a qualified and accredited life coach.”

At this stage, Liam had learned so much about mindset, confidence, identity, values, beliefs, and everything to do with living a life of fulfilment. These tools, techniques, methods and frameworks became his power tools in the trade. He used these skills to help everyday people achieve their aspirations in life.

From his first client, Liam realized he was very good at helping people break down their barriers, shift their perspective and achieve their goals.

Gradually, he grew a successful one to one coaching business, moving from less than £800 in his bank account to generating six figures as a powerful, confident & empowerment-focused life coach.

The Aspiration Hub

After a life-changing event in 2017, where Liam’s perspective was shifted, he started an offline coaching academy called The Aspiration hub. “Via the Aspiration Hub, I was gathering groups of people who wanted to become Life Coaches and taking them through a 1-to-2-week training program in the middle of London.” Liam shares.

The advent of The Coaching Masters

In 2019, after another challenging situation, his father and his uncle’s death, Liam decided to rise above his challenges rather than let them consume him. He started the Coaching Masters with Lewis Raymond Taylor.

They started with one course. The first time they launched this course, they made $17,000. Liam & Lewis immediately reinvested this sum into their business and started focusing on establishing their course for a second time.

“Since that fateful day on February 2019, the Coaching Masters has now become a multiple 7-figure online coaching academy generating over $200,000 per month and $1.8M per year in online course sales. The Coaching Masters have trained and qualified thousands of coaches from 47 different countries across the world.”

The company is the fastest growing online coaching academy in the world and is, according to Liam, “the most dynamic.” He aims for the company to become the biggest coaching academy globally, both online and offline. They are now exploring collaborations with some of the biggest names in the coaching, mindset and business world.