Karyna Romanova On How unique identity Helps A DJ’s Career

Photo Credit: Karyna Romanova

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DJs are extremely popular these days. The ability to make people move and groove to your beats feels powerful. You can go to any pub, concert, or club and you will see a DJ making people groove to the tunes. DJing is more than mixing music, it is creativity driven by an incessant passion for music. Karyna Romanova is one such DJ who chose to follow her passion and is already being recognized a lot in the industry. She is a powerhouse of energy and is known for her unique expressions. Let’s find out the complete story of her journey to a career as a DJ.

How did your journey to becoming a DJ start?

Well, it was during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic that I found a lot of free time for myself. I took a keen interest in making music during this time. The entire summer, I completely dedicated myself to the process of making music and that opened my eyes to a new perception of music. As I began to study everything about becoming a DJ, I also had the opportunity to meet professionals in the industry. The more people I met, the more knowledge I gained from them. This was the biggest motivation behind composing my own tracks. Soon enough I started playing more often and began to perform at events.

How did you find your way into the industry?

I made a lot of connections with important people in the music industry. I had to visit music shows and concerts a lot more often to make connections with people. These days you can find a DJ at every entertainment event. So it felt great for me knowing that there is the potential of a great career if I learned more and grew as a DJ. I had to practice my craft every day to perfect it. DJing can seem like an easy thing to do from the outside. But trust me, it is more complicated than it looks. Observation and practice are the determining factors in your development as a professional DJ. Also, it is important to have a unique style and a unique personality to shine.

So, what are your plans now?

Now I am trying to focus more on creating my first track and also performing at various events. Thankfully events are happening more often now and new places are opening up every day. Other than my gigs as a DJ, I am also an actress and model. I work with MMG, one of the largest modeling agencies in the USA. I also work with MTM, a renowned acting agency in Miami. There are a few projects lined up for me which I am really excited about.

Can you please share with us some tips for DJing?

The first thing you need would be a good knowledge and understanding of handling the professional equipment. Then you need to be really invested in your interest to become a DJ. You also need to form connections with prominent people in the industry to learn from them and fast-track your career. You have to take inspiration for your own music from artists that you admire the most. Never forget to bring your own personality and unique style to your work. People love personalities and you have to be one to be hugely popular.

Any advice for talented newbies wanting to be a DJ?

It might sound cliché but my advice is not to be afraid and never give up on your dreams. DJing is not as easy as it looks. Things might seem boring when there is no inspiration. There is a lot of time investment needed and you need to work hard. So, it is up to you to find your inspiration and keep going against all odds to be successful.

Bringing a unique personality is important as a DJ to capture the imagination of your audience. Reveal to your audience your inner self through your personality and tastes in life.