How Lulu’s Holistics Inspires Everyone To Give Back To The Community

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Photo Credit: Lulu’s Holistics

When it became clear as day that the impact of the coronavirus outbreak would be felt far and wide, many businesses thought of ways to ‘cash in’ on the pandemic. From charging extra for safety charges to passing on their additional disinfection costs to paying customers, many business owners prioritized protecting their profits rather than helping their customers keep their heads above water during these trying times.

Even so, there are some business owners—mostly from homegrown brands and family-owned businesses—who understand what it’s like to be downtrodden. So instead of seeking genius ways to make the pandemic work for them, they simply share the burden of the common folk so they can ride out the pandemic along with their most loyal customers.

One such business is Lulu’s Holistics, a homegrown brand from Florida whose skincare products are known worldwide for their all-natural and healing properties. The company is owned by mother-and-daughter tandem Janet Frederick and Deannee Santiago. For these two, the pandemic is not a time for businesses to take advantage of. If anything, Deannee says the global crisis is an opportunity for business owners to give back to the people who have been keeping their businesses lucrative all this time.

So while Lulu’s Holistics could have added a line of luxury hand sanitizers to their lineup of skincare products, they chose not to. Instead, they kept their original catalog intact while giving all customers a little extra incentive to help them fight off the virus.

“My mother and I noticed that there were a lot of companies taking advantage of the pandemic by selling face masks and hand sanitizer at high prices,” lamented Deannee. “On the other hand, we took the time to give back to those customers who helped us grow. We gave away free face masks and free sanitizer to those who ordered while there was a shortage of these essential products.”

While this gesture was highly appreciated, it didn’t really come as a surprise to the brand’s customers. After all, apart from the all-natural, handmade, and highly effective skincare products, one trademark of Lulu’s Holistics is its commitment to social responsibility.

For Santiago, working hard and ensuring the success of her mom’s product line is more than just a means to make money. You see, Deannee has two twin sisters who have autism. Her goal is to not just support her sisters and give them the best, most comfortable life they can have, but to raise more awareness about their condition, too. So Deannee has committed herself as a sponsor for a school that works with autistic students in the Caribbean. She thus finds passion and motivation in succeeding as a business owner, because she knows her ability to help other people highly depends on her personal financial capacity, too.

Deannee and her mother now encourage other business owners to think about their ‘why,’ or the noble reason they want to dedicate their lives (and at least a portion of their earnings) to. After all, businesses could not have achieved the success they have if not for the very same customers who are looking to them now for a little show of compassion.

If you want to support the causes of Deannee and Janet or you just want to check out their business, do visit their website or check them out on Instagram at @lulusholisticskincare