Entrepreneur Shamus Goss Talks Business Innovation And Why Giving Back To The Community Is Important.

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Photo Credit: Shamus Goss

Shamus Goss is a lifelong entrepreneur and business professional who is dedicated to finding new solutions and new ways to help others. He has founded an impressive array of business and charitable organizations. He has learned from the adversity that each person has their own path and it is rarely easy. This sort of life lesson inspired him to grow his own success and to help others who face challenges. He has learned a great deal over the course of his career and he is more than happy to share his knowledge with others who are trying to work their way to the top.

The Early Influences that Put Shamus on the Path to success

Shamus Goss has accomplished so much in his career that he hopes to be an inspiration to others. He has not forgotten, however, those who were most influential on him in his early life and career. The most important influence on him growing up was his mother. As a single mother of four, she pushed past struggles and found the strength to give her family the best. Goss was also influenced by those in his community. Growing up in the Bronx NY, Shamus saw people struggle and overcome. Witnessing the challenges, successes, and failures of those around him, helped him to understand the importance of drive and dedication. This experience also helped him to develop a strong sense of compassion and a desire to help those in need.

Early Business Ventures

Shamus developed an interest at a young age, but one of his earliest loves was music. At 17, he joined the two together and began a career in the music industry. As a Producer, Shamus helped bring music to life. As an artist, he put out several albums including his debut single that charted on Billboard Top Ten. Using his knowledge of the art and business side, he successfully created his own record label before he even completed high school.

Cultivating Change in the Business Landscape

After moving to Atlanta, Shamus made another huge transition. Not content to sit still, and fascinated by the variety of opportunities in the business world, he transitioned from music into the clothing industry. This new venture ended up being a good investment when he began generating seven-figure earnings with one of the biggest team apparel companies in the state. He further spurred success and growth by bringing the company to the online marketplace.

Shamus is also the founder of Magneto Home solutions. The foundation of his financial success, Magneto Home Solutions helps find real estate solutions for those buying or selling homes, Fix & Flips, and new construction.  After building success across industries, Shamus decided that he wanted to do more with the knowledge he had cultivated over the years. This is where Major Change Media entered the picture. Shamus founded this company to be a new kind of marketing agency that focuses on improving branding and online presence for business clients.

Shamus’ Passion for Giving Back

In addition to his business success, Shamus is the founder of H.E.L.P. This non-profit organization is dedicated to feeding and clothing the homeless in and around the city of Atlanta. This charitable organization is determined to create meaningful change by investing in the community and valuing each person.

What’s Next?

Recently, Shamus founded Ecom Titan Pro’s which helps clients to tap into the vast earnings possible in the world of e-commerce. Beyond all of these business and charitable projects, Goss is working to inspire others with his story. He is currently working on a documentary and his memoir “ Better with Time” that will be reaching audiences later this year.

To follow Shamus Goss and learn more about entrepreneurship and building wealth, check him out on his website or Instagram.