Cannabis Cultivation Facilities Can Count On Award-Winning Amcon CEO Sean Pandya

Photo Credit: Anil Pandya

Written In Partnership With Ascend

Amcon Consultants Inc is a certified and licensed electrical, mechanical, and plumbing company specializing in commercial and industrial buildings. It’s a broad full-service engineering design company located in Sunnyvale, CA. The company takes pride in creating reliable operation-level service to all facilities, including custom designs for commercial real estate. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, the company has successfully provided top-class consulting engineering services in electrical, mechanical, and plumbing for over 1000 clients. The company has also taken a new focus on the cannabis industry, and the cannabis Cultivation facilities have a reason to smile.

Amcon Consultants Inc was launched 35 years ago by Anil Pandya. Since his son took over, Sean Pandya has dramatically revolutionized the company making it a more robust business over the last couple of years. He has led the company to acquire a modern face by completely revamping how it serves its clients. Sean understands the importance of a fresh look for any business that seeks to scale up, and that’s why he pushed for the changes. A business can quickly get comfortable and stick to the old ways and rules, placing itself at risk of being faced with a threat he cannot put up.

As the current CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc, Sean saw a great business opportunity in the legalization of cannabis in 2018. His decision to venture into the cannabis industry did not go well with some of his family members and friends as they felt cannabis had a negative image in society. To them, cannabis was too stigmatized, and there was no way he would succeed. Being a risk-taker with a strong positive mindset, Sean decided to soldier on and push for the idea’s implementation.

A new department fully dedicated to engineering and building design for cannabis cultivation on a large scale has been established under his guidance. They have successfully established various cannabis buildings and dispensaries. His main objective of focusing on dispensaries is to make them easily accessible and available to those who seek them for medical purposes. He has been spearheading the department for a while, and his team’s hard work paid off when their mechanical engineer design work helped AGT Hybrid Greenhouse win the Edison Award for cannabis cultivation.

Sean Pandya, the CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc, is not a new name in the business world. He has ventured into different businesses, including the entertainment world. He has a solid social media presence; thanks to his luxurious life, he loves showing off and capitalizing on the audience to act as a social media influencer. Sean understands the importance of keeping fit and maintaining physical health in the high-pressure world. His unique approach to different aspects of life has kept him moving, playing a crucial role in his current success.

He advises any future entrepreneur to face their fears and dive into any venture that looks viable to them. Risks will always be present, and it’s better done than perfect; besides, you miss 100% of the shots you fail to take. It is a simple quote but has the power to work out magic. His success throughout his life has been built on ongoing trials with no fear of failure. Therefore, you should treat failure as proof that you are trying, and it is all about how quickly you can collect yourself and get back in the field.