Artist Christopher Saint Is Elevating Beauty Standards For A New Generation

Photo Credit: Christopher Saint

Written In Partnership With Ascend 

For years, the LGBTQ+ community, especially the Queer people of color (POC), have been exposed to select and contextual forms of stigma and prejudice. Such an environment has subjected them to stress and increased physical and mental strains that significantly affect their lives. Most trans or non-binary persons have stayed at home because they are tired of trying to explain themselves. You may not understand that; being in the LGBTQ+ community is like choosing to find a place that you aren’t sure of in society. It is difficult for a typical person to understand the plight of Queer POC unless you closely interact with them or have experienced it within your own life.

Beauty standards, gender expression, and identity in the public space are more important than ever to this community and our society. As he is known by his stage name, Sir Christopher Saint is a proud Queer artist of color dedicated to elevating beauty standards for the new generation. He is using his musical voice to impact society. Christopher has traversed different parts of the world, speaking to audiences about the consciousness of love in the community. He uses the ‘Made in Love’ Movement he created and a collection of artists as the medium to pass his message.

“Growing up I could never turn on the TV and see myself and my experience reflected. I am so happy now in my adulthood, I am finally witnessing a page turn and more and more diverse stories are being told. When we are constantly being reinforced by society that we are not beautiful or valued, the spark in us dims. Through my art and ventures as an entrepreneur, my mission is to uplift people and help them to connect to the unlimited resource of love within.”

Christopher was born in the Bay area in San Jose, CA but moved to Southern California to further his studies. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a Master’s Degree in Communication Management, both from the University of Southern California. His passion for using visuals to tell stories that inspire and motivate other people led him to the entertainment and media industry in 2011. Over the last decade, Christopher has pioneered trends for the digital and social media revolution for high-profile publishers such as Los Angeles Times, Time Inc., People Magazine, and Hollywood’s biggest idols and social media stars. He has since started Palette Studio LA, his creative marketing agency, and developed digital content and innovative strategies for several companies and global entertainment brands, such as the Times Magazine, Peoples Magazine, the Kardashian-Jenner Family, and The Los Angeles Times.

Being an entrepreneur and Queer artist has made Christopher learn and appreciate the importance of having his beliefs. He argues that current society is full of constant ‘compare and despair’ and will continually judge your every move. He looks up to celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, and Beyonce. They have challenged self-limiting factors and beliefs that are primarily inherited by society’s demands. With the message he carries, Christopher believes the LGBTQ+ community should, therefore, not shy away from expressing their paths by adopting different beauty standards.

Photo Credit: Christopher Saint“We can create and define our own standard of beauty. I hope someone can see and look at my art and my image and feel more inspired to be whoever they want to be. Maybe that means more glitter or sequins or maybe that simply means no longer hiding in fear and living behind the curtain. Growing up I was conditioned to hide the best parts of who I am as a form of protection. I dream of a world in which we are all safe to express the vibrancy of who we are inside.”

Today, Christopher is at the forefront of championing LGBTQ+’s place in society. His song ‘Love Is Love’ that he wrote in 2016 has already been adopted as the anthem for the LGBTQ+ community. He recalls it as one of his proudest moments when the official music video for the song won him an award at OutWebFest, a global film festival sponsored by Revry and YouTube. Christopher will be releasing tons of new songs in the coming months, kicking off during Pride Month.

“I love that I can use music to tell my story through song. I’ve had some of the largest brands in the world come to me to use my songs for their campaigns, particularly around spreading love and cultivating more inclusion and diversity. I feel like it’s historical in a way, that a queer artist of color like me will hopefully be making it easier for people to be seen as beautiful and heard for what we have to say, both behind and in front of the camera.”

Over the years, Christopher was invited to speak and perform at the Pride Festivals in Southern California, and he was even selected to be featured as an artist and entrepreneur in a campaign with a multi-billion dollar technology company, Bumble. Such achievements and recognitions have empowered him to continue sharing his truth with the world in a unique way close to his heart. He has worked for close to a decade now to create a bridge between all his endeavors.

With all these achievements, Christopher has never had to compromise his truth. Instead, he has focused on the facts, and he is on course to elevating beauty standards for a new generation.

“In today’s modern world, beauty is a currency and a vital form of empowerment. I want the queer community and communities of color to be constantly reminded of both their inner and outer beauty. I hope to keep elevating the conversation with what I do.”

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