Youssef Amir Shares His Passion For Fitness With Udefy

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The health industry has seen some remarkable growth in the past few years as more and more people are realizing the importance and health and fitness in their lives. Health is more than clean air to breathe and healthy food to eat. Healthy living is a way of life that few people have discovered on their own and some from their personal trainers. Personal trainers have made immense contributions to the lives of many people, transforming them positively. One such trainer is Youssef Amir who is sharing his knowledge on fitness with others to change their perception of life.

How Youssef Amir discovered the secret to healthy living

Youssef was born and brought up in Cairo, Egypt. He moved to the United States to pursue his dream of helping people live a better life. Youssef had a normal childhood but the one thing that he vividly remembers is his grandfather’s constant chiding to correct his poor posture. He was just a 15 year old at that time to realize what his grandfather was trying to convey. As he grew up he understood the importance of posture in human anatomy. He learned that all human beings are born asymmetrical in some way but when those asymmetries are exerted voluntarily it can disturb the entire functioning of the body. He understood that his grandfather was never wrong.

His love for fitness

After Youssef Amir came to know about human physiology and biometrics he wanted to transform his life in a positive way. He soon enrolled in a fitness class in a gym where he met his first trainer Mostafa who changed his life forever. He taught Youssef about self-love and self-care and the importance of healthy food and exercise. The more he discovered the world of fitness, the more intrigued he was to know more. He learned the intricacies of human anatomy and ways to treat a body for a healthy living. He never wanted to withhold his knowledge about fitness. He wanted to share his experiences to inspire others to undertake the same journey.

Founding Udefy

Youssef Amir founded his health and fitness center Udefy after he moved to the U.S. He started coaching people about their posture, food habits, body alignment, etc. to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses. He knows that when people learn about how their body is functioning, it can impact their lives positively, as they will start to work on it. At Udefy, Youssef helps people build joint resiliency and return to correct posture while becoming stronger and fitter.

Goal of Udefy

Youssef Amir wants Udefy to move out of its professional boundaries and impact people’s lives in a more positive way. He believes that most people are ignorant about the wonderful results of healthy living. According to him, fitness is not limited to a couple of hours spent at the gym. It is a way of life that one must follow throughout to stay healthy. People looking to improve their lives through better health can check out the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Youssef Amir.

At Udefy, Youssef Amir hires professionals mostly based on their emotional intelligence. He feels that this part is often ignored in interviews but it actually determines the person’s attitude towards his work. Youssef wants Udefy to touch people’s lives and transform them in a better way.

What makes Udefy stand out

Youssef Amir is an expert trainer and a massage therapist. He believes that both these are related and complement each other. At Udefy, fitness is not only personal training but also massage for body relaxation.

Youssef has proved that a personal trainer is responsible in many ways to help people live stronger and healthier lives. The fact that he decided to share his experience and knowledge has helped a lot of people live better lives.