How William Rivera Dominated E-Commerce

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: William Rivera

The growing business opportunities with e-commerce have made it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to live their dreams. William Rivera is one of them who has been enjoying massive success with e-commerce for a few years now. He started with zero earnings on his store and has grown to reach the heights of $350,000 in revenue in 25 days. His journey has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. To help them all, William Rivera decided to share his experience and strategies through his e-commerce program, Ecom Degree University.

He comes from a humble background where he grew up seeing his mother struggling to make ends meet. From her struggle, he understood that hard work alone cannot help achieve one’s goal. A person needs to find a way to work smart first and then nurture it with hard work. He always wanted to be financially independent without relying on an 8-hour job to make ends meet throughout his life.

As he grew up he started exploring different business opportunities online until he came to know about e-commerce business. He devoted all his time and attention to master the art of selling on e-commerce stores. In the process, he even decided to quit his education at Georgia Gwinnett College without letting his mother know about it. He drove for 45 minutes every day to reach his college campus only to work using the Wi-Fi because he had no internet in his home.

In 2017, William Rivera started his first e-commerce store on Amazon. After a few months, he was able to make $45,000 in revenue. With his first taste of success, he also realized that there was a lot more to learn for which he needed professional business coaching. He sold his store for $3,000 and used the amount to fund his e-commerce training.

Within a short time, his next store on Amazon grew leaps and bounds earning $100,000. Currently, he is making around $350,000 every month from his e-commerce store. All this success came after a lot of hardships. Initially, he struggled for money to invest in his business so he worked two side hustles, one at an Amazon warehouse and another at LA fitness. He made bad decisions and even lost his hard-earned money but nothing could deter him from his goal.

William Rivera was always fascinated by the digital world so he documented every step of his business journey on his Instagram account. With his first success, he received an enormous amount of inquiries from his friends and followers. To share his success with the e-commerce business he even published a video on YouTube. Gradually, William Rivera discovered that his journey is inspiring many to start chasing their own dreams.

To help more and more people explore the lucrative business opportunities on e-commerce, he launches his e-commerce program, Ecom Degree University. The program teaches everything about e-commerce business right from how to start to selling branded items on Amazon without running marketing campaigns. In fact, this has been William Rivera’s recent strategy to earn $350,000 in revenue from his e-commerce store.

Ecom Degree University has helped more than 700 students and the number is growing. Some of them are already earning six to seven-figure revenue from their e-commerce stores. The program allows lifetime access to all previous and updated information to all the students of the course. Through this program, William Rivera wants to help more aspiring entrepreneurs venture into e-commerce with confidence.