Shop Thobias Makes Elevated Fashion Affordable

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Kevin Thobias

Kevin Thobias, a former US Air Force officer, a revolutionary entrepreneur, and a visionary investor, known for his multiple successful online marketing and investment projects, is about to try his luck in yet another business—women’s fashion. Since he is known for making a difference in all his past and ongoing business undertakings, there is every reason to expect that Kevin will kill it again this time.  The women’s clothing brand, named Thobias, is slated for launch in May.

Kevin’s track record is the best proof of how seriously prepared he is this time. A few years ago, having sold one of his thriving online businesses, he invested part of the proceeds in Tesla stock. Seeing his $2MM initial investment in the electric car maker’s shares balloon to a staggering $12MM, Kevin decided to exit. With the newly found fortune and driven by the noble desire to make a difference, Kevin turned his eyes toward genetics, the field that has always captivated him. He invested a sizable portion of the proceeds into genetic companies’ stock, firmly believing in their life-changing mission. The genetics’ potential to increase life expectancy, reduce disease predisposition, and deal with other health issues coincides with Kevin’s humanitarian vision.

Kevin’s fashion project’s May debut is bound to be a success. Thobias brand is to cater to the fashion needs of the upper echelon of women’s audience. Thobias collections offer elegance, class, and individuality coupled with uncompromised quality at a moderate price and cover the entire range of a demanding woman’s clothing needs be it a cocktail party, special event, or just going out, not to mention everyday wear.

The manufacturing of high-quality apparel takes place in the USA, with designs coming from acclaimed European runways. By any measure, the fashion industry is overburdened with cheap and fast fashion making it hard to find high-quality and stylish clothes without paying a ton.  Nothing ventured nothing gained. The new brand’s philosophy consists of offering women reasonably priced clothes of uncompromised quality.  Thobias clothing brand is in for a warm welcome by that part of female clientele who value elegance and quality above all.

With all the makings of a voguish clothing brand in place, Thobias is set to make quite a splash in the women’s retail sector. To learn more about Thobias brand and its coming launch, follow Kevin on Instagram.