Scott Popescu Is Taking Digital Marketing By Storm With BrookHaven Media

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Scott Popescu

Digital marketing is firing up brand promotions across the world. Businesses are now holding a budget dedicated to digital campaigns to widen their reach and establish their brand value. However, this huge realm of digital marketing has its own challenges. No techniques are constant here and one method doesn’t fit all brands. To keep being successful, an influencer or an agency needs to constantly learn and experiment with the current trends. BrookHaven Media as a digital marketing agency has been able to live up to their client’s expectations with their brilliant marketing strategies so far.

BrookHaven Media is headed by the famed social media influencer, Scott Popescu. He is a 27-year-old entrepreneur from the United States. Scott Popescu has been the mastermind behind the success of BrookHaven Media that has managed to carve a niche for itself in the competitive social media marketing space. The agency is now working on high-end marketing campaigns worth millions of dollars, creating viral campaigns including viral TikTok trending videos for its clients.

It all started when Scott realized his forte in social media. He was intrigued by its reach and popularity among people. As he grew, Scott thought of exploring new business opportunities with social media platforms and started his digital marketing agency, BrookHaven Media. The agency was performing moderately and Scott wanted to scale it to new heights. He wanted to work with high-end clients and so began learning the workings of social media marketing from its roots. In the process, Scott Popescu turned himself into a social media influencer with millions of followers on his Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

Today, Scott Popescu is helping his agency BrookHaven Media create viral content and run explosive marketing campaigns backed by his learnings as a social media influencer. He believes BrookHaven Media stands apart from the competition because it is an influencer-led agency. While other digital marketing agencies rely solely on their relationship with other influencers to promote their client’s brands and products, BrookHaven Media has the flexibility to use Scott Popescu to promote products that are naturally a fit for him.

Scott Popescu ensures that his client’s content grabs millions of views within a short period of time. He designs marketing campaigns across all social media platforms to offer maximum reach to clients. Scott is a self-made entrepreneur, creator, and influencer who is extremely proud of his dedicated team working hard to take BrookHaven Media to new heights.

At 27, Scott Popescu is running a successful digital marketing agency, thanks to the consistent efforts he put in to realize his vision. He had his share of failures and obstacles, but nothing could discourage him from achieving his goal. He completely focused on his work for a few years until he was able to see results. He believes that anyone can achieve success with hard work and dedication. Challenges are a part of the journey and one must be ready to face them confidently to scale higher.

Scott aspires to further grow with his digital agency, BrookHaven Media. He wants to keep improving on himself to be able to spot all upcoming opportunities in the social media space that will make him more successful.