The Most Prolific Videographer And Entrepreneur You Will Ever Meet: Kai Schoene Demystified

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Kai Schoene is not your average run-of-the-mill guy who is massively into graphic and video design. He has successfully retold the stories of numerous brands and transformed their fortunes. Schoene is an entrepreneur and a videographer, who has successfully impacted brands and the lives of people in a positive way. But before we go any further, who exactly is Kai Schoene and what is his story.

Kai Schoene was born in Germany about 37 years ago and is a multi-faceted businessman. Schoene wears several hats as he is known to be an entrepreneur, a web, video, and graphic designer. With a colorful career that started in Germany, he now fully resides in Switzerland. Born in the northern city of Bremen, in Germany and Schoene had taken a keen interest early in life in the field of arts and designing. He then decided to pursue this passion of his as a career.

Schoene notably worked as a freelance designer known for working with such top brands like Werder Bremen, Volkswagen, Gymqueen, and other notable establishments. In the last 10 years, he had fully finished over 100 projects, designed about 85 websites, and had taken part in more than 3,000 graphic design projects. “My hard work and passion for my profession actually helped me win more design jobs which I was able to deliver with total client satisfaction. I am at a point right now where I could celebrate my achievements, but the journey was never smooth.” He philosophized.

Schoene has successfully conquered the world of digital and print media while working as a designer. He then went to start two successful design establishments – “yourcompanystory” and “yourcarstory”. Due to how passionate he was at videography and in telling the stories of different brands, he went on to earn another achievement as an entrepreneur. He was able to innovate his strategies by attaching an emotional and sentimental appeal to his stories.

With the yourcarstory, Schoene infuses an emotional dimension when creating a documentary on special cars with a unique history. “I believe that these amazing cars have a story to tell,” he said. While with the yourcompanystory, he profiles the story of brands with an emotional perspective to it to create an appeal among the audience.

“We may know a particular company as just a business. But, sometimes when we take out the time to really listen to their story, we find out that these brands are closer to us than we really think. We find them relatable and more lovely when we really listen to their stories. My job is to tell that story,” explained Schoene.

He then moved his talents to Switzerland where he also proved that his achievements were not down to luck and privilege, but rather one of intuition and handwork. “I have always viewed my success in Germany as an organic process. But, in Switzerland – where you lack that home advantage – you needed to outdo and work harder than the other guys to be a force to reckon with. It is such a tough country to break even that only hard work yields success”

The ups and downs that Schoene had experienced as an entrepreneur and a videographer are a huge source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs. “I continuously look for relevant platforms to reach out to upcoming talents in the industry. I feel that they can learn one or two things from my colorful career as a video designer and an advertising expert,” he said.

Kai Schoene has utilized both his professional capabilities and personal skills in a more meaningful and balanced way to weave an inspiring story. So far, the journey of Schoene has been possible due to a collection of his strong values– his focus, his discipline, his brilliance, and the ability to maintain his creative juices through healthy practices. While Schoene is a highly sought-after entrepreneur, he is also an amazing social media influencer.