Meet Chris Robinson, World-Famous Sneakers Collector

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Chris Robinson

Once a dream is actualized, life can be fulfilling. That is what Chris Robinson felt when he persevered and ultimately became an influential sneakerhead. Robinson, who is of Irish and African American descent, is a renowned member of the sneaker community because of his unmatched passion for collecting sneakers.

As a result of his unparalleled zeal for sneaker-hunting, he now owns a sneaker store that will celebrate its 10th year in business. As a member of the sneaker community, his goal is to make it grow and spread its positive influence.

Robinson as a Sneakerhead and Entrepreneur

Robinson described himself as an underprivileged kid who could not pursue his passion for fashion because of financial problems. However, that didn’t hinder him from achieving his goals. When Chris received his first paycheck at 14, he used it to purchase his first pair of Nikes. When he finally got his hands on them, he realized he wanted more. That first pair grew into one of the most coveted sneaker collections in the world.

Building his own business

Robinson began his career as just a collector of sneakers. However, as time passed, he ventured into the world of influencers and entrepreneurs. After collecting more than 3,000 pairs of sneakers, he thought that it might be amazing to try something new.

In 2007, he opened his own store named Addicted Sole, which unfortunately closed after two years. He tried again in 2011, and this time he succeeded. His store has now been open for 10 years and counting.

What makes his business different is that he takes sneakers more seriously than most people. For Robinson, sneakers are more than just a piece of clothing; they are a piece of art. Moreover, he’s a massive fan of sample pairs, the prototypes of brands that precede the release of the actual product. They tend to be unique, thus making them more sought-after.

His biggest lesson in life

Like everyone, Robinson faced some hurdles as he pushed himself toward success. The biggest lesson he learned in life is that you only have yourself to rely on.

Robinson believes that no matter where you are from and how difficult things get, you have to keep going and finish what you’ve started. He realized that although having company is amazing, it is more spectacular to witness that you are the one who pushed yourself to the top.

As a successful entrepreneur, Robinson shares tips with others in his community. His motto is it’s important to know what you want and then pursue it. Hard work and perseverance have always been the qualities he instilled within himself that made him reach where he is today.


Robinson is a prime example of someone who is always on vacation because he loves his occupation. Never giving up on his dreams made him someone who now controls the sneaker lines instead of just standing in them.