Meet Adriana Brito: Top Producing Agent Who Has Sold Over $200 Million In Real Estate

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Adriana Brito

Adriana Brito brings more than 10 years of experience as a top-producing real estate agent in the South Florida market with a global network of high-net-worth individuals. A driven businesswoman, Adriana has represented her clients in numerous deals in the luxury pre-construction condo and housing  market, selling nearly 100 units, and establishing her as a leading producer with Fortune International Realty—Miami’s preeminent real estate firm.  

What makes it easy for people to sell?

Some say good salespeople are born, and others would disagree. The point is not whether a good salesperson is born or created, the focus here is on what makes them truly great at selling. The spirit of competitiveness resides largely in their core values; they love to see their numbers going up a steep slope, but apart from that, empathy, listening capacity, and an inclination for market research, are some of the key defining characteristics that many of those working in sales have in common. Real estate agent Adriana Brito has most of these qualities in her DNA, which has helped her achieve greatness in the industry.

Sales is in her blood

Adriana is one of those who was born with this gift and started selling things such as cars, food, and merchandise at a very young age, without even realizing that she was beginning to refine valuable skills in the world of business and life in general. Being good at sales does not just mean earning revenue. It also means being great at relationships and truly understanding the other person, placing yourself in the customer’s shoes. In speaking with Adriana, she agrees that social interaction and forging relationships have been in her blood since she was born. “I’ve always been a social butterfly, and honestly, after working in a real estate developer’s office while I was going to school for finance, I realized sales was my true passion. It allowed me to interact with all kinds of people, and I could be my friendly self while closing a sale.”

She has worked both as an in-house developer agent and a general real estate agent.  These diverse roles gave her vast knowledge of the industry and set her on the path to success in both arenas.  An uncommon trait amongst most real estate agents, Adriana has truly leveraged her broad experience and achieved unique success. Adriana has consistently been recognized as a Platinum Top Producer in both General Real Estate and Development Sales, with a total of $200 million.

Life beyond estates and properties

Apart from her commitment to selling real estate, Adriana finds her passion in cooking because she says it’s therapeutic for her soul. She also breaks free from her professional life to travel and explore the world. She takes pleasure in enjoying the gifts and beauty this world has to offer.