The Marketer’s Mindset Of Christien Bouc CEO Of Bouc Media

Written in partnership with CeleMedia

Photo Credit: Christien Bouc

“Conquering your fear” perhaps the greatest lesson that Christien Bouc, California-born, and CEO of Bouc Media, learned from his journey to agency success. He advocates taking calculated risks if necessary and always finding new ways to streamline processes to free up time and improve the bottom line.

When Bouc first started his agency, he always had an extraordinary work ethic that helped him to excel every step of the way, while his Instagram and Facebook group allowed him to have a consistent pipeline of new clientele knocking down his door for the latest tips and news in social media marketing.

Bouc’s pursuit of the “American dream” has by no means been an easy one; he took the road less traveled and created a new way of doing things beyond the conventional 9–5 job without a college degree. By far, this quest is what led to him becoming one of the top players in his field, being a beacon of information for his clientele and fellow agency owners. Famously he once said, “I’m the agency your agency buys from.” which is true, many of the biggest agencies in social media marketing go through Christien Bouc to fulfill orders for their clientele more often than not. Christien’s success and expertise in social media marketing came from his diligence and passion in the field very early on, pursuing a lot of opportunities before others had a chance to recognize what was truly happening, like in press and celebrity advertising.

While the path towards success in entrepreneurship sounds like an easy one, it wasn’t without its own set of struggles. Christien went through trial & error, and after many failed methods, he perfected his social media marketing venture to multiple 6-figures annually, the pinnacle of any freelancer’s career in the digital age. Christien had many part-time jobs at the beginning that instilled work ethic and reinforced the idea in his mind that he by no means wanted a desk job, this led to him starting his own business instead. Armed with his intellect, vision, hustler’s mentality, Bouc is now amongst the most successful young entrepreneurs that the marketing world can draw lessons from.

Christien Bouc lives by the adage “Follow through with your promises and make sure the client is always happy, keeps them coming back.” This is a mindset that has helped him become the successful CEO he is today. It’s a mindset that pushes any agency to put the client first instead of financial gain. Find solutions and get the job done, no excuses.

Looking at the world today, many young people can learn from Christien Bouc as he sets an example of how nothing should stand in the way of your dream or vision. You need to find a solution to growing your business no matter whatever challenge you face, no excuses.