The Love Affair Between Linen Trends And Fashion Designers In 2021

Written in partnership with LINENFOX Clothes

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Have you noticed a common trend in the SS21 collections? Linen! That’s right; this material that was once considered everyday wear for commoners now has designers racking their brains for ideas on how best they can introduce it to their lines. If you look at big fashion houses such as Dior and Fendi, you will notice that they even transitioned to offering linen as an individual segment. That’s how huge this fabric is in 2021, and designers and fashion lovers alike believe it’s only set to get bigger?

Is the Linen Trend Here to Stay?

It’s easy to brush off newcomers in the SS weeks because most of them fade away almost as quickly as they enter the scene. Remember pedal pushers and low-rise jeans? These turned heads back in the day, and some people could have sworn that they would last the test of time. We all know this didn’t happen, and other entrants quickly took over, sweeping these trends under the rug.

Is the same thing likely to happen? Not quite. You see, linen has not come out of the blues. It’s not a trend that people have suddenly discovered. Instead, this is an old fabric that dates back to medieval times. Since then, people have adorned it, reveling in its comfort and simplistic design. As more natural fibers come to the market and people shun artificial clothing, linen has only become more popular.

And no, this growth is not just by word of mouth, but instead, it shows in the number of fashion houses embracing this fabric. Look at Fendi’s online catalogs, and you are sure to come across some linen designs that will catch your eye. The same goes for Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Maison Margiela, among other big names. Of the designers who showcased their works, a good 49% had a linen garment, a 6% increase compared to 2020.

What does all this mean? Quite simply, it means that the designers have listened to what the people want. People want sustainability, comfort, timelessness; the works. And linen can offer these benefits and more.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Why is Linen Gaining Popularity?

Why have designers chosen to focus on linen of all the other natural fibers in the market? Let’s look at some key motivators:

  • Sustainability: The fashion industry is one of the most wasteful in the world. The industry ranks as one of the highest polluters by continuously producing clothes that end up in waste bins and dumpsites. But what does this mean? Should people give up buying clothes altogether to save the world? No. Instead of being so drastic, designers have employed natural and sustainable fabrics. Linen has come out on top of this list by using less water than other fabrics (e.g., cotton) and not having the slightest bit of plastic in its fibers.
  • Style: Regardless of the year and season, linen will always be in, and you can pretty much tell the same by poring through this Linenfox collection. The styles, hues, patterns, and overall looks will last the test of time and will still be inspo decades from now.
  • Comfort: Anyone who has worn a linen garment can attest to how comfortable this material is. Whether you are in sweltering heat or taking a walk in a shaded area, you will hardly tell the difference. It slowly wicks moisture away from the body, leaving you with a cooling effect. Although it might not be the warmest of materials, it’s also great for keeping the cold drafts at bay.
  • Durability: Who wants to keep rushing to the store every season because last season’s clothes now look old and washed up? Linen lasts much longer than other fabrics assuring you of a packed closet year in and year out.

Designers have caught on to this amazing trend, and we can only wonder what next season’s linen looks will be. See you then!