Get Guaranteed Value With Every Watch Strap Purchased From Horus Watch Straps

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Photo Credit: Horus Watch Straps Inc

Started in 2014, Horus Watch Straps Inc is a premium luxury watch strap company that provides modern and stylish watch straps for watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Panerai among others. Horus was initially an eCommerce website working on creating custom leather watch straps. Since then, the company has transformed and become a leader in high-quality luxury fashion straps complementing the class and design of Swiss watches. Currently, Horus is at the forefront of modernizing the premium luxury watch culture by reintroducing Swiss watches to the new generation in a more trendy, fashionable, and relatable style.

According to Mark, the founder and CEO of the company, Horus gained market recognition after their initial products of bright blue, bright red, and lime green colored straps took the market by storm and captured the attention of luxury watch owners in the market. Mark was always fascinated with luxury products even before all the hype and buzz around Swiss watches. His love for luxury products led him to start a leather goods brand while still in college that achieved significant success. Mark had the concept for colored watch straps and revolutionized the luxury watch industry when he started Horus Watch Straps.

The introduction of Camo rubber straps in green and red when many high-end fashion brands were experimenting with camouflage designs was a real game-changer for the company. Horus gained more market prominence with the camo straps and attracted influencers and global celebrities’ attention. Since then, the company has gone viral on social media platforms, mainly Instagram, utilizing influencers and providing the watch straps market with colors and textures that the luxury watch industry has never seen.

Horus Watch Strapshas been at the forefront of modernizing premium luxury watches. Their designs, engineering, and styles have ushered in a new age of premium luxury watch culture. Horus products are customized to help their customers express their unique individuality. Horus’ watch straps are prototyped and tested at the highest levels of engineering. In addition to being stylish, the straps are incredibly comfortable as they involve material engineering and the prototyping capabilities in developing each strap.

Another cool feature associated with the Horus luxury watch straps is their ability to be easily replaced. This means that users have the option of adding more colorful watch straps depending on the occasion. This also allows for reattachment of the watch manufacturers’ initial straps without absolutely altering the watch’s quality. Horus strives to achieve perfection with its products to avoid any slight mistake that can compromise the style and comfort of the users. Horus stands by its products and offers all of its customers a lifetime warranty when they purchase products from the brand.

Having helped usher in the new interest in premium luxury watches, Horus is working hard to maintain its position as the leading company in blending technical engineering and the latest fashion to develop market-leading straps for luxury watches. The company has plans to create new straps for many other watch brands. Horus hopes to expand its offerings to more than just watch straps and the future is certainly looking promising.