Dr. Bal Raj On The Three Common Sports Injuries And Their Causes

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Photo Credit: Bal Raj

Athletes tend to be competitive in their sports and mostly push their bodies to the limits in pursuit of success. This means that they will have to face or battle with injuries at some point in their careers as part of the journey. Some athletes are lucky as they do not face frequent injuries while their other counterparts are prone to sports injuries. Sports injuries tend to be varied depending on the nature of the sport, but some are common. Dr. Raj, an experienced sports injury specialist, shares the common sports injuries that can be seen across different sports.

Dr. Raj is among the world’s best sport injury specialists with experience of over 15 years. The US-based orthopedic surgeon is a Canadian and American board-certified surgeon with offices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Dubai. Dr. Raj has become a reputable surgeon thanks to his excellent bedside approach and incorporation of the latest technologies in his practice. He is a sought-after surgeon with politicians, celebrity musicians, athletes, and weekend warriors waiting to avail his services.

Previously, Dr. Raj had been working as the ABC medical news consultant and a prominent writer for WebMD. He has built a successful career and reputation due to his highly commendable bedside manner and concierge approach. Dr. Raj is the only orthopedic surgeon who infuses the holistic approach and western medicine, focusing on aging and anti-aging.

His vast experience in the sports injury field places him as the best person to offer the best guidance on matters related to sports injuries. Below are the three top common injuries across various sports, as shared by Dr. Raj.

Lower back pain

Lower back strain is one of the most common sports injuries that almost every athlete suffers in his/her career. Though a common injury, the causes are varied and can range from sudden body movements and excessive twists of the lower backside to the lifting of heavy objects and wrong movements. Lower back strain is not different from other sports injuries. People with weak back muscles will be prone to lower back strain than others.

Muscle strain

Commonly referred to as muscle pull, this is a condition that occurs when you put unwanted/excess pressure on the muscles during a sporting activity. The pressure damages the muscle or tears the surrounding tendons hence the strain. Other causes of muscle pull include overuse, strain, or fatigue. A muscle pull mainly strikes unfit athletes who storm back to the field without proper training to get their muscles ready to take the strain. You can easily avoid Muscle pulls by ensuring you warm up and stretch before and after the sporting activity.

Neck pain

A lot of athletes experience neck pain. This usually happens during play. The injury happens when the neck muscles and ligaments of the necks move out of their normal position or range. A poor neck posture or jerking the neck during the game can result in neck tension and strain. Dr. Raj advises that you rest the muscle immediately as such injuries can lead to further damage.

Dr. Raj is active on Instagram and TikTok where patients can follow him. Appointments can be booked on the official website of his practice.