How Ali Saghi Dominated The Stock Market And TikTok

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Ali Saghi

Building dominance in the stock market and on various social media platforms can be very challenging. The two areas are unforgiving and highly competitive. It can take many years to be supreme at stocks and build a huge following on social media. But this is not the case for the 16-year-old stock exchange expert Ali Saghi.

Ali Saghi ventured into the stock market at the early age of 13. He was always fascinated by stocks but did not have the time to focus on them entirely. He is a high school student who did his best to watch educational material and learn everything about the stock market. He would spend hours enjoying reading a lot about how to trade stocks and make a living off of stock trading and investing.

As the world came to a halt and people were stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Saghi had the time to focus more on stocks. He dived deep into trading, and within his first month, had already made six-figure earnings. He had since then grown to become one of the biggest names teaching and educating about stocks on social media platforms. His stock market success did not just happen overnight. It resulted from the hard work and commitment he had to be successful. He wanted financial freedom and wanted to make a living by being able to work from anywhere with his laptop. Saghi always wanted to prove that one can make a grand living without the need for going to school.

Once he had significant achievements in stocks, it was his desire to teach others. He started his TikTok account to teach other aspiring traders and investors about finance and stocks. Besides being a stock market expert, Saghi had always been a social media lover and enjoyed sharing ideas with like-minded people on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. His decision to choose TikTok was informed by the fact it was a new platform. He knew very well that he would gain a massive following with his exciting and fascinating financial literacy content. True to his instincts, he was able to gain a huge following of 350,000 followers on his TikTok account within five months.

Having dominated TikTok, Saghi then focused on Discord, another social media platform with immense potential for stocks. With his friend Gavin Mayo, he started Luxury Equities, a stock discord that has gained a massive 50,000 members within one month. The duo has increased the popularity of their stock discord by adding a lot of value for their members. They provide their members with comprehensive lessons on stocks and teaching them how to be successful in the stock market. This has made it possible for them to create one of the biggest stock discords in the world in a short span of time.

Saghi and Mayo have the long-term goal of starting their own hedge fund one day. They are working on creating an app and website for Luxury Equities to improve the business and provide investors with a platform to connect and interact with like-minded people. Saghi is highly active on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok where people can connect with him.