Alec Henry Shares Why Over 50% Of Businesses Fail

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Alec Henry

Businesses all over the world run different sets of principles and rules. However, these rules keep changing as time passes and the business grows. Entrepreneurs need to figure out innovative strategies to stay relevant and popular. The constantly changing challenges and solutions can halt a business if the entrepreneur stops being innovative, initiative, and creative. Persistence and perseverance are two essential qualities of an entrepreneur. However, most businesses need a partner or a guide at a certain phase to find a way to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Alec Henry is a seasoned entrepreneur who offers business coaching to aspiring, intermediate, and advanced businesses to grow and be more profitable.

Alec Henry started his first business venture with a digital marketing agency in 2017. Like all other businesses he too had faced several challenges in the initial years. However, he dared to be resilient and worked hard, coming up with observant brilliant strategies. Today, Alec is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, bestseller author, and international speaker. He owns and manages a group of companies that include a digital marketing agency, real-estate agency, consulting firm, and accounting firm. is his initiative to support entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth. is a business that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the way to win at business with the use of digital tools like online advertising campaigns and sales funnels. The increase in the visibility of the business of clients on digital platforms is the priority of Alec Henry. He employs his knowledge taught through experiences to weave the path to success for other businesses. His strategies are more innovative, research-based, and result-oriented.

Alec Henry has consulted over 2000 businesses including law firms, service providers, insurers, web-based businesses, trainers, wealth management firms, and loan brokers. He believes that every entrepreneur must be skeptical about taking business advice from a coach. The entrepreneur should see to it that the coach is competent enough to guide a business with competent real-life experiences of overcoming similar challenges. Before blindly following a piece of advice, the entrepreneur should think about whether it will help them achieve their goal.

According to Alec, a business fails within the first couple of years because of poor planning. Before venturing into any business, an entrepreneur must take note of three crucial things. The first is to see that the business meets a need. In case it doesn’t, no one will be interested to know about it. The second factor is to know how to market and sell to customers. Finally, the business must ensure client satisfaction and gain more recommendations from clients to grow the business.

Alec Henry hails from a modest family. He was shy and introverted but gradually worked on his skills to climb the ladder of success. He has given a lot of proven business strategies that worked for him, in his book “Business: 13 Laws for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur”. In the book, he talks about how a business should create a virtuous circle of recommendation around it to grow its bottom line.

Alec wants every business to scale up by widening its exposure. This is where plays a crucial role. It is a community of French-speaking entrepreneurs, focused on adding value to new businesses through strategic meetings and innovative practices. Alec has helped over 1500 businesses find their ground in the last few months and is planning to continue to do so in the coming years.