Why 50K People Started Following Gavin Mayo And Luxury Equities In A Month!

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Photo Credit: Gavin Mayo

Stocks are among the most common investment choices for a lot of people. Investing in stocks is the easiest, most profitable, and most time-tested method for growing wealth. The fear of losing capital and more keeps a lot of people away from stock investing. However, despite the challenges and risks in the stock market, there is a high chance of making good returns, especially if the right investment decisions are made. Understanding how to invest and remain informed and updated on stocks helps in making good investment decisions. Gavin Mayo is one individual who has proved without any doubt that education and knowledge of the market are essential for success in the stock market.

Gavin Mayo is 19 years old and hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His passion and fascination for stocks at the age of 13. Gavin always thought that trading and investing in stocks was something he would spend most of his life doing. He loved watching stock market videos on YouTube and would mess around with stocks. It wasn’t until the end of his freshman year that he started trading. He tried to learn and understand more about stocks while trading in class. However, being a college athlete, there was not enough time to delve deep into stocks. He was a part of the college swimming team at the University of North Carolina and between college and swimming, there was not much time to focus on stocks.

The COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 freed up a lot of time for Gavin. He had a lot of time to focus on learning more about stocks. He buckled up and dived deep into understanding and trading stocks. The desire to teach others led him to create his TikTok account that eventually grew to over 250,000 followers. During this period, he learned about Discord when another significant stock discord team reached out to him to bring him on board.

Gavin started his own Discord server with his friend Ali Saghi after learning about the opportunities on the platform. Their goal was to make a discord with the best education on stocks and crypto, with the main focus being on stocks. Only a month into the work, they had pulled in a massive 50,000 members to their discord. The success was brought about by their unique ability to create a personal connection with each member while remaining authentic. Their discordhas a variety of chat and voice channels to teach financial literacy. With the main focus being on stocks, Gavin is focused on attracting more members to his stock discord.

Gavin has started Luxury Equities in an effort to simplify investing and share the best stock ideas with investors. He plans on moving away from Discord and aims to launch an app and website for investors to find the best stocks. In the future, he also hopes to start a hedge fund. Gavin is active on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube where he shares his journey with his audience.