5 Revolutionary Tips To Improve Your Discipline – Insights From Personal Trainer Chang-Hun Chung

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Photo Credit: Chang-Hun Chung

Training and working out should be a regular part of your routine. One should indulge in working out often to keep the body in shape. Chang-Hun Chung, a bodybuilder and personal trainer, gives his insights on the importance of being fit. However, the one thing that Chang focuses on is keeping discipline during your routines.

According to Chang, discipline is the foremost important participle of one’s fitness routines. If one isn’t able to maintain discipline, he’ll never be able to maintain a good fitness routine. Chang shares his insights on how can one improve his discipline with 5 revolutionary tips:

Recognize Your Weakness And Strengths

The foremost thing is to recognize your weaknesses and strengths. It’s important because once you know what you’re good and bad at, you can train in a way that focuses on mitigating your weaknesses.

According to Chang, focusing on your weaknesses allows you to discover the growth potential. Weakness means there’s a potential for growth, and Chang narrates that one should not belittle himself because of any weakness but consider it as an opportunity for improvement.

Thinking Positive In Every Situation

One of the most important factors for good living is to remain positive. Chang gives the idea of not having a positive attitude at the beginning. However, he states working on your attitude and being positive about every situation.

If you want to commit to your routine, then you must develop a positive attitude for progressing forward. Chang stresses “developing a positive attitude because that strengthens one’s spirit in overcoming his adversaries”.

Setting Realistic Goals

One of the many things that people often find trouble with is in following the goals they’ve set. However, Chang Hun Chung is of the idea that it isn’t the effort but the goal itself that is the issue. According to him, making unrealistic goals is the major reason why most people fail.

He states that people often create goals that are above and beyond their current potential. Not only do they have to work on their weaknesses first but they also have to polish their key potentials.

Chang states that making realistic goals will help people reach their best by overcoming their weaknesses. That is the most important element for developing discipline. People don’t maintain discipline because they’re unable to follow their goals. Making realistic ones will help them progress gradually.

Making A To-Do List

Making a list of to-dos can help you develop discipline promptly. You’ll know what you have to do; therefore, you’ll adhere to the routine. However, Chang states that one needs to be committed to his list for developing proper discipline.

He states that it’s the attitude that makes things work. If you’ve got the attitude for improving every day, then nothing can stop you from it. He quotes “setting your goals is easy. It’s the dedication and your attitude that decides your success,” stating one’s discipline is the reflection of his character and one should strive to improve it every day.

Acting Your Accord

Being a personal trainer, Chang Hun Chung states the importance of one’s mental strength. A person should be mentally strong and should be following his will. Only then he’ll be able to establish discipline and progress. If the will isn’t in accord with the actions, then success can never be achieved.