Interview with Leading Amazon Automation Owner Louis Albanese

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Photo Credit: Louis Albanese

Louis Albanese is a young entrepreneur who managed to find a place on the list of youngest multi-millionaires in the last few years. We had an interview with Lou is and brought you all the answers you need to know to set off on your path to become a millionaire like Louis Albanese, a leading amazon FBM Management company owner.

Who Is Louis Albanese?

Louis Albanese is a financial consultant, stock trader and a marketing strategist who had been working with celebrities and stars in the sports, entertainment and TV production business over the past few years. He built several companies in industries like financial markets, automation and e-commerce. As an entrepreneur and marketing consultant, he provides services in 3 different continents. His recent appearances was in season 4, episode 2 of The Paytech Show.

What Is Your Company About?

We asked Louis about his company and this is what he had to say. “At Amazon Freedom we build seamless 7 figure amazon stores for each of our clients, while handling all of the day to day tedious work.

We understand time is one of the most valuable commodities, so with our help and expertise our clients are able to have steady passive income streams that are equivalent to an additional salary if not more.

Invest in Your Freedom is a sense of community and family where we strive to help people gain knowledge, income and networking. My personal background started in pre-med because I wanted to help people but I knew I was always an entrepreneur at heart. Now I help people financially so they can enjoy the better things in life and I haven’t looked back since.”

What is Your Biggest Success?

Since a great part of Louis’s success has been attributed to the help of others, we have decided to ask him about his biggest success, he answered, “My biggest success is and always will be creating freedom for others. From the “thank you” messages and the happiness I see our clients achieving, there is nothing that can parallel that feeling.

Louis was trying to sound as humble as possible, but our research indicated that he managed to turn a 10.000$ to a 1$ million by turning Amazon stores into 7 figures passive income.

What Are Your Future Goals and Ventures?

“Our future is ever changing, but one thing is for certain. We want to stay on the breaking edge of e-commerce and ahead of the curve in the market. We have a few more ventures upcoming but they will remain secret until we are ready to launch!”

What Are the Characteristics of Your Company?

‘’The uniqueness of the businesses is the network. We have created a community that was made for the stock market and e-commerce and transitioned into something much bigger.

Our original idea created multiple other investment opportunities for everyone. We have members helping others purchase homes, cars, watches, services, and more. We even had a few members make enough money with us to pay for engagement rings! That was an amazing feeling.’’

We know competition is rather fierce out there, what distinguishes your company form the competition?

“We have top tier people working with us, as well as a multi-million dollar algorithm, that is only offered to our clientele and not like these other generic tools people use online.”

Are there any tips for young entrepreneur or anybody who wants to emerge in your industry?

“My advice for young entrepreneurs or anyone looking to do what we do, is start investing now, start pushing your limits, start taking risks and keep your mind open to the possibilities”

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In 10 years I see myself managing over 5000 traders and 1000 e-commerce stores. Our goal is to be the largest management company in the world. As for my personal life, I see myself starting a family and being able to take care of my loved ones”

What keeps you motivated everyday?

“My motivation is being able to provide a great quality of life for my family and helping others around me achieve something they never thought possible”

Who is your role model or example/inspiration in your life?

“My dad is definitely my biggest role model. He had a very hard upbringing and doesn’t often talk about it, but I’ve heard from my brothers and mom what he went through. To this day it still amazes me that he has accomplished so much to get to where he is now while always taking care of his loved ones”

Louis Albanese went on to talk about his friends as well, he stated “One of the key moments in my life was meeting Anthony Nuara. He’s become like a brother to me. We always have each other’s backs and our values and morals align with each other without any friction. He’s pushed me to broaden my mindset, and the limits to that are endless.”

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