How Skye Drynan’s House Of Skye Sexyback Bra Is Revolutionizing The Concept Of A Bra

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd

Photo Credit: House of Skye

Despite the fact that the women’s intimates industry has been built on sex appeal and aesthetics, for many, bra shopping is not sexy at all. In fact, bra shopping is often more excruciatingly frustrating than it is sexy. Finding the perfect bra that meets a woman’s every need is an arduous task that most women dread. And though bras have been around for hundreds of years, women know the collective struggle of finding a good bra all too well. But as fate would have it, a new and innovative bra would prevail in 2021, designed by a mega Wall Street and biotech impresario no less. At the very top of the industry comes Skye Drynan with a bra for the modern-day woman, House of Skye’s SexyBack Bra.

Launching this week, the SexyBack Bra is the bra women have been waiting for. After recognizing the shortcomings of most bras on the market, Skye set out to design and patent the SexyBack Bra, a bra with five patents in over 88 countries and 22 interchangeable and adjustable tabs that allows the wearer to basically customize its style and fit. With the latest fashions continuing to break design barriers, finding a complimentary bra can be near impossible, but the SexyBack Bra can accommodate anything— especially those stunning backless dresses that women love, but are too afraid to wear because they don’t feel they have the right bra for it. With this ground-breaking bra, Skye has empowered women to feel sexy and confident in even the most daring designs. Whether a backless, strappy, strapless, halter, or open-back dress, the SexyBack Bra delivers in versatility.

“The development of the SexyBack Bra was inspired by the struggle that I and my girlfriends faced,” Skye says. “We needed a backless bra that could actually provide support and was simultaneously beautiful. I thought, ‘Why can’t you have super high-fashion and high-function?’”

Launching this week through Skye’s brand via House of Skye, the SexyBack Bra is only the latest of Skye’s long list of accomplishments. Known for her inspiring story, working her way up from a bartender to working on Wall Street in the ’90s in genetics and later going on to fund some of the world’s greatest medical advances, Skye’s SexyBack Bra is just an indicator of the diversity of her success and innovation over the years.

As the first fully functioning utility bra, the SexyBack Bra has already changed the bra industry as we know it. With high luxury as the guiding standard, Skye strives to deliver function and fashion with the new SexyBack Bra.

To learn more about Skye Drynan, find her on Instagram, and to check out House of Skye’s new SexyBack Bra visit their website.