Why Accountability Is So Important: Albert Chavez Shares His Experience

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: Albert Chavez

Albert Chavez, a mortgage loan officer based in Sacramento, California, is living proof that honesty and accountability are crucial in all aspects of life. From an ordinary mortgage salesperson, Chavez has climbed the ranks to become one of the most successful mortgage salespersons in the United States. He is well known as a loyal, trustworthy go-getter who always completes his undertakings with integrity. He has learned to develop a self-nurturing, honest and accountable mindset. Due to this approach, he has cut off places, things, and people who do not see value in these attributes throughout his career. Though his journey has not always been smooth, Chavez had done remarkably well and has been awarded the Top 1% for United Wholesale Mortgage originators in 2019.

For anyone to succeed in business, accountability must be at the center of all their operations. Accountability guarantees that an avenue that will evaluate individuals or companies will be reviewed on their behavior or performance relating to their business responsibilities. Everyone wishes to engage with a business where they know accountability won’t be an issue. In other words, we all want to transact with individuals who we know have a record of transparency and accountability. Chavez has successfully built an accountable brand that resonates with the client’s needs rather than what he has to offer.

According to Chavez, accountability comes with its share of great benefits, which he has experienced firsthand in his mortgage loan sales career. Some of the benefits that one enjoys as a result of high accountability levels include;

  • Increased Sales

 A highly accountable individual or business will always get more business. Satisfied customers will come back with their friends or even refer them to the business in many instances. Generally, customers want to shop where they feel the business is well organized and can get help if they experience any challenges with the goods or services.

  • Peaceful business environment

Highly accountable individuals don’t have to waste time and energy trying to explain themselves or blaming others. Therefore, they enjoy a peaceful business environment that boosts their productivity levels.

  • Better Customer service

The worst service experiences clients encounter mainly originate from accountability issues. Being able to account for all business transactions with clients solves most of these issues by reducing the number of accountability-related queries. Therefore, Chavez needed to practice high accountability, especially in a sales industry full of fraud cases.

  • Create a positive Brand image

Customer satisfaction is highly associated with the perception they develop of a particular brand. If customers are usually satisfied with the honesty and accountability of a business, they are likely to develop a trustworthy relationship with it, thus creating a positive image brand.

  • Easy decision making

Having an accountable team makes decision-making easy, particularly for businesses with many employees.  Duties can be delegated without worrying about a particular employee’s personality. Decision-making becomes easy because everyone will own up to their actions or mistakes if need be.

Chavez has heavily relied on accountability to build his brand. His friends describe him as loyal and trustworthy in his sales journey.