Idrees Kickz Proves Why He Is The Best In The Business World

Idrees KickzPhoto Credit: Idrees Kickz

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It is a known fact that many of the business industries that are today been on a constant rise and growth pedestal have been industries that are run by young talents of the world. Even different business sectors have been welcoming towards these young minds for their newness and creative ideas they offer on their platter, intending to take the industry by storm and achieve massive momentum. Mohammad Edris Hashimi, aka Idrees Kickz, is a youngster who one after the other has kept on ticking off his career goals and has risen high as a successful entrepreneur at only 19 years of age.

This Canadian entrepreneur began his journey at 13 years and since then has been continuously looking out for ways he can further make his presence stronger in the entrepreneurial world. His pure love and passion for sneakers and shoes first brought him into the e-commerce space and made him a sneaker reseller, earning tremendous profits by reselling trendy, rare edition and eminent brands.

What began as a hobby or a side hustle for Idrees Kickz soon turned into a profession for him where he saw himself completely into the e-commerce space. Working into the same, he created his brand ‘Woiair’ which is today rising high across the online world of business, making its name count not only in the sneaker niche but also in other verticals like digital agency, real estate and merchandise.

As a young sneaker entrepreneur, Idrees Kickz has always worked towards making more profits but also has focused on providing the highest quality products to customers, which has helped him earn a respectable name as well in the online business world. His constant urge to keep creating more and keep exploring many other sectors, helped this hustler to dive into other portfolios to try his luck and bring about great revenues for himself and his brand Woiair.

Being under 20, Idrees Kickz announced four online businesses under his brand Woiair. One is Woiair Sneakers, which has been reselling some of the finest and the most comfortable sneaker brands to customers, taking care of their style quotient as well. Second is Woiair Merchandise, which would be focusing on providing trendy and stylish clothing. Woiair Real Estate would deal in selling innovative most apartments and luxurious homes. And, lastly, Woiair Digital Agency would focus on taking brands and businesses to greater heights across the online mediums by increasing their reach and presence.

Idrees Kickz is already a millionaire and is setting his sights firm on further expanding his businesses to emerge as a sought-after and inspirational business personality.