Ben “BitBoy Crypto” Armstrong On Living The Crypto Lifestyle

Ben ArmstrongPhoto Credit: Ben Armstrong

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Bitcoin came into the picture in 2009. Back then, no one had imagined it would become such a crucial player in the financial market. Laszlo Hanyecz once paid 10,000 BTC when Bitcoin was just $0.01 to buy two boxes of pizza. Today, the price of Bitcoin has soared by more than 900 million percent. Nowadays, 10,000 BTC can help you lead the most luxurious lifestyle you can ever imagine.

Ben Armstrong, a crypto investor since 2012, thinks that investing in Bitcoin can change your lifestyle for the better. In 2017, an investor in Bitcoin bought a four-floor luxury private villa in Switzerland for 829 BTC. In 2018, another investor purchased a mansion in Malta with 18 bedrooms, underground structures, and a courtyard for approximately $3 million worth of Bitcoin. That just shows what cryptocurrency can do if you invest in the right currencies at the right time.

Ben’s rise to success because of cryptocurrency

It’s not that you can only make money by investing in cryptocurrency. Ben Armstrong makes a living by offering the latest updates on the cryptocurrency market so that you can support it in the right places. He started his YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto in 2018. Since then, the channel has become highly recognized because of its timely updates on cryptocurrencies. The resounding success has led Ben to start a separate news division to handle the demand for news on the crypto market.

Ben was always curious to know about how this market worked. He read about cryptocurrency right from the time it came into the market. In 2012, he finally invested in Bitcoin, but his strategies didn’t work. He ended up losing a significant amount of money, but that didn’t stop him from researching cryptocurrencies. Today, he is one of the most well-known faces in the crypto world because of his knowledge of how the market works.

Finding success in digital assets

What bought you a couple of boxes of pizza in 2009 can now help you buy the house of your dreams, the exotic car you’ve always wanted to purchase, and other luxurious items that you could only imagine all this time. From private jets to even second citizenship, you can buy everything if you successfully invest in the right cryptocurrencies.

But how do you invest successfully? That’s where you can use Ben’s help. You can follow Ben’s YouTube channel to learn about the market and the different investment strategies you can try. Ben covers everything that’s even remotely related to cryptocurrency, from forecasting the call to the impact of voting results on other countries’ currencies. He became so knowledgeable about this industry that instead of merely investing, he started helping others find success in this industry.

If your first stint at investing in crypto didn’t work, just remember Ben’s story. You should look at the brighter side of things and think about how he changed his stance and made it to the top in the same industry where he had failed initially. While crypto trading isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it certainly has the potential to provide you with a luxurious lifestyle.