Piran Tarapore Shares His Insights On Filmmaking And Achieving Early Success

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To most people who are not in the film industry, filmmaking seems all glamour and glitz with fun thrown in the mix. However, those in the industry know that it is challenging, complex, and stressful. Making it in the industry, especially when you are relatively young, is an uphill task that Piran Tarapore managed to achieve.

Piran Tarapore 1Photo Credit: Piran Tarapore

Piran is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with several films to his name. His love for filmmaking saw him pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from Mumbai University and a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications from The University of Melbourne.

Piran recently bagged his first Netflix show, a testament to his hard work and excellent filmmaking skills. The project with Netflix came in light of his past repertoire, having worked on films like Maya, a short movie on mental health, Mission Mangal (2019), and Dream Girl (2019). He is also slated to work as the Assistant Director on Dostana 2. This achievement was not easy to come by; he worked hard to turn his dreams into reality. “There are many aspiring filmmakers in the industry. I followed my passion and built my skill set by working extra hard to be the best,” added Piran.

Transforming an idea in your head into a film watched by millions of people takes time and effort. Piran has always been organized, meticulous, and an absolute perfectionist. He explains his mantra for success, “The first step, perhaps the most important, is to plan and expect the unexpected. In film making, there are numerous departments to handle. From shots to supplies, gear, and cast, crew, and hands-on execution. The key is to be organized so that you always know what the project needs next.”

According to Piran, you should utilize what you have instead of stressing over things you do not have. What matters is your skill, not the medium you choose. If what you can afford is a phone camera in your backyard, use that to tell your story. You can always upgrade to more expensive gear and locations as you grow. Start small and work your way up. He also advises people to be flexible, as things will not always go as planned. “The measure of a great filmmaker is their flexibility; their ability to take things into their stride and adapt to sudden change,” he says.

While filmmaking is not something that you can master in one day. Today, Piran has established himself as a force to reckon within the industry. Starting young is always adventitious, but what you need most is passion and dedication in the long run. Success will become a by-product of your journey, just as it did for Piran Tarapore.