Ori Vechler On Carrying Forward The Legacy Of Bespoke Jewelry Pieces

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Ori VechlerPhoto Credit: Ori Vechler


Ori Vechler with his dream team creates the most surreal of experiences at Gemma Fine Jewelry. His work is well sought after. To celebrate his birthday, popular musician Drake, personally got a 22-carat heart-shaped diamond ring customized by Ori’s team. Later, he also designed a 100+ carat heart-shaped tennis necklace costing over $1 million for the musician. This event brought his work into the limelight. Ori’s Jewelry pieces became a quick favorite with celebrities for its authenticity, integrity, and dreamlike craftsmanship.

On being asked, Ori shares that he wishes to make his brand timeless. He envisions creating Diamond jewelry pieces like his celebrated competitors. What would set these pieces apart is the genuine diamonds sourced from Ori’s trusted sources. He wishes to lend a memorial touch to each piece so that they are remembered over generations. Gemma Fine jewelry takes pride in the fact that their jewelry pieces are not obnoxiously priced.

Being the founder himself, Ori takes it on himself to keep his family legacy alive. He comes from a large family of Jewelry and Diamonds. Following suit, he earned his GIA certificate after serving in the Israeli army. Guided by his passion, he went onto learning the art of Jewelry design with the finest diamantaires, masters, and legacies of the industry. He included experienced designers and craftsmen in his team in 2013. The journey of Gemma Fine Jewelry started with working on the rarest and finest diamonds and gemstone pieces for esteemed clients. Their custom experience now has some of the most affluent clients including celebrities, socialites, heresies, and more.

Gemma Fine Jewelry offers custom jewelry like Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and a wide range of ornaments. Their best-selling category includes white and fancy color diamonds. Their line of Jewelry is processed completely under one roof. From sourcing the rough stones to polishing and designing them, Ori Vechler supervises the entire process. The team designers then discuss ideas with the clients and decide on the details. The craftsmen then breathe life into the dream piece.

Ori VechlerPhoto Credit: Ori Vechler